Venetian Games mark the beginning of playing with aleatoricism in Lutosławski’s music. The score was written for wind instruments, a harp, a piano duet and. composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Venetian Games, for chamber on AllMusic. Witold Lutosławski. Written as a result of Lutosławski’s search for a new, individual of my new work that has determined the use of the word ‘game’ in the title”.

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The opening movement is divided into eight sections labeled from A to H.

Venetian Games, for chamber… | Details | AllMusic

The entire work was first performed at lutoslaeski Warsaw Autumn on September 16th the same year, by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Witold Rowicki. The title is therefore not supposed to serve as a guide to understanding the internal workings of the music, nor is it meant to point to non-musical sources of inspiration. The second movement, a short scherzo, is in ganes triple metre. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Its sections are placed in frames and the layers constituting the refrain are written separately, together with performance annotation.

The final movement is even more aleatoric than the opening one, with overlapping and contrasted instrumental blocks. The second movement is a lively link leading to luoslawski third movement, filled with an ornamental melody of the flute. The phantasmagoric sound shapes which abandon the clearly defined motifs of the instrumental voices, the drifting rhythmic blatancy, the hazy illusory nature and fluid ambiguity of sound contours — these features make Venetian Games one of the most intriguing scores of new music, evoking beauty through the surprising strangeness of its elements.

Jeux vénitiens – Wikipedia

The score was written for wind instruments, a harp, a piano duet and twelve stringed instruments their number is connected to the twelve-note harmony. It is only in the fourth movement of the Games that the narrative pattern of the whole lutoslawdki becomes apparent, as it reveals the formal concept of the composition, lutoslaws,i consists of the introductory, transitory, narrative and concluding stages. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. It premiered April 21, in Venice.


Venetian Games, for chamber orchestra

Each subsequent refrain adds instrumentation. Inspired by John CageGamees Games is notable for its use of limited aleatory techniques. To some extent it depended on chance, on how each part would overlap with the others, but the choice of pitches guaranteed that the colour of music intended by the composer would be preserved.

Similar lutsolawski the refrains, percussion instruments signal the beginning of these sections, which are composed of static soft string clusters. A tumultuous climax fades in a long epilogue.

As Lutoslawski applied the idea, he frequently leaves to performers some of the choices that are venetlan dictated by the composer. The indeterminate character produces aleatoric counterpoint, which is a type of sound mass. Streams Videos All Posts.

This is one of the most important of Lutoslawski’s compositions in terms veenetian spreading his reputation worldwide. This is obviously hard and difficult music for most listeners.

Jazz Latin New Age. In the third movement, the piano plays a twelve-tone row melodically, made of only perfect fourths and perfect fifths, in its prime and altered forms. Sometimes the players can choose notes from a limited selection, resulting in the desired harmony but difference in melodic details.

The movement ends with repetitions of this signal with decreasing sound intensity. The aesthetic shape of the work caused a well-known German critic, Heinz-Klaus Metzger, to suggest that the pervading theme of the piece is a certain conceptual reflection of the mannerist style of architecture and the capricious spirit of Venice although the composer refutes this interpretation.

Retrieved from ” https: Each begins with a signal from percussion to tell the players when to move from one section to another. Even for experienced listeners, these blocks merge into a single sound of dense, shifting textures. Only three movements of the four the third was as yet unready were premiered there and the whole piece was first played at the Warsaw Autumn Festival of the same year.


For example, the woodwind pitches of section A contain 12 notes and exhibit the following intervallic structure from bottom to top: AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Ad libitum episodes dominated by wind instruments alternate with sections played in a traditional manner by the strings.

Ninateka – Three composers – Venetian Games for orchestra

Instruments are generally restricted to playing certain intervals within gigantic aggregates of two note chords. He later sent John Cage the manuscript of Venetian Games to express his gratitude for the inspiration, even though it only concerned the idea, and not specific musical consequences of its use. Except for section E, each subsequent refrain adds duration in multiples of 6 seconds.

In designated sections musicians were to perform their parts with some degree of freedom — notes could last shorter or lutosoawski than written — as if they were playing themselves, without paying attention to other musicians. Venetian Games is usually considered [ by whom? It is the overlapping and piling on of these blocks that build it to a powerful climax. Symphonies; Concertos; Choral and Vocal Works.

Thus, the durations for each section are: The second movement is through-composed, a scherzo in triple meter that simply serves as a transition. A”, C”, E-6″, and G”.

Concerto for Orchestra, etc. In the third movement, a twelve-note series built solely from intervals of a fourth and a fifth is introduced into the piano part thirteen times; it appears in its basic lutoslawxki eight times in the first section, and reappears in inverted form five times in the third section, while the middle section expressively enigmatic and made up of fragmented motifs is free from this dodecaphonic model.

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