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Acerca de este libro. Libros en Google Play. The Doctrine concerning it Vindicated. Sometime Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford.

I —The necessity of holiness, argued from the nature of. The work of the Holy Spirit in prayer — The work of the Holy Spirit as a Comforter — On Spiritual gifts — THE apostle Paul, in his first epistle to the Coring thians, chapter the 12th, directs their exercise of Spi Ritual Gifts; of which they had received an abundant measure, and concerning which they had consulted him.

For the Lord ‘ having much people in the city of Corinth,’whom he intended to call, encouraged the apostle to go and preach there,—gave great success to the word,—and furnished the first converts with such eminent and extraordinary gifts, as might be happily instrumental in the conversion of others.


In the exercise of these gifts, several persons had conducted themselves improperly, and had abused them to the purposes of emulation and ambition.

This he mentions, not to reproach them, but to let them know pneumatllogia frame of mind might be expected in persons who had received such an alteration in their condition. Unbelievers blasphemed, and said, ‘Jesuswas anathema,’ They looked on him as a detestable person- Hence, on the mention of him, they used to say, ‘ Jesus anathema! On the other hand, believers called Jesus Lord.

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They owned him to be Jehovah, ‘over all God blessed for ever;’ and they professed him to be their Lord,—the Lord of their souls and consciences ; as Thomas did in his great confession: This expression includes both our faith in him, and our profession of that faith ; which two, when sincere, always accompany each other: Having thus stated the original and foundation of the church, he further informs them that the same Spirit is also the author of those gifts by which it was to be built up and enlarged.

With respect to their General Nature, the apostle distributes them into ‘gifts, administrations, and operations; ami then declares the design of the Livros in their communication to the church: These gifts are further distinguished by pneumatologoa different names: IJut now if there be such diversity of gifts, how can differences and divisions be prevented among those pneumagologia whom they are bestowed?


It is true, that such differences may happen; and did actually exist in the Corinthian church.

One admired one gift, a second another, and so on; and among those who received them, one boasted of this or that particular gift, to the contempt of others ; and those gifts which excited admiration were preferred to others of a more useful tendency. Thus the church was divided and distracted: To prevent these evils for the future, and to manifest the harmony of these gifts in their source and tendency, the apostle declares both pbeumatologia author and the rule of their dispensation: I shall not now insist on these words.

Frequent recourse must be had to them in our progress; for 1 purpose, through divine assistance, to treat from hence of the Name, Nature, Existence, and Whole Work of the Holy Spirit: These, therefore, I shall briefly represent in some general considerations. Escrito por John Owen.