Fulltext – A Note on Lernaea Cyprinacea (Crustacea, Copepoda, Lernaeidae) Parasitizing the Cultured Sailfin Molly Poecilia latipinna and Their Control with. Approximately species of lernaeids (Lernaea and Lernaea-like parasites) have been described. Lernaea cyprinacea, one of the more common species. Life history study on Lernaea cyprinacea showed that the first copepodid stage appeared 3–4 days after hatching and there are six copepodid stages similar to.

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Fish and Parasitic Vyprinacea In Januarybreeders were obtained from a commercial ornamental fish hatchery at Chennai, India.

Potassium permanganate is usually considered the best treatment and can be used either as a tank treatment or a “dip”. These simple curved stylets, with an enlarged base, can only be seen with difficulty. This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Therapeutic and persistent efficacy of doramectin against Dermatobia hominis in cattle.

In other projects Wikispecies. Pacific Ocean body of water between the southern ocean above 60 degrees south latitudeAustralia, Asia, and the western hemisphere. Natalie Steckler, graduate student; and Roy P. Copepoda Diseases anchor worm disease.

N Am J Fish Manage. The parasite is spread throughout Central Asia as well as in the southern regions of West Siberia. In our study, injuries can be attributed to the extremely heavy parasitic attack with the consequent loss of large amount of blood because of feeding of parasites and multiple wounds and the loss of appetite of the affected fish. Introductions as factors in diseases of fish and aquatic invertebrates. Because adult female lernaeids are more tolerant of salt, additional measures may be necessary to effectively break the parasite life cycle.


Lernaea cyprinacea

Interestingly, there is evidence suggesting that successfully treated fish may become resistant to future infections with Lernaea. References Top of page Cyprinaces AE, Diseases of Pacific salmon: By comparison, in infected controls, the circular ulcers surrounded by fibrinous granulomatous tissue observed around the site of parasite attachment at the beginning of the experiment gave an appearance of ulcers with swollen margins.

The higher susceptibility of P. Koerting W Neue Fischarten—neue Fischkrankheiten. Lernaea in Tilapia breeding stock and silver carp fry are treated with 0. Title Adult female in situ. On the contrary, among the fish species already present in the pond and were previously exposed to the infection before the start of the present study, only Labeo fimbriatus developed mild to moderate infection.

Puntius pulchellus is an cyprinaca peninsular fish that thrives well in clear running waters under riverine conditions Chakrabarty Synapomorphy of the Bilateria. All the introduced P. Based on this observation it can be presumed that doramectin has a direct impact on the reproductive potential of the parasite.


For the first time, sailfin molly breeders reared in experimental breeding facilities were observed parasitized by this Lernaeid copepod. The primary mode of action of avermectins is to modulate the chloride ion channel activity in the nervous system of nematodes and arthropods.

Baur, ; Hoffman, This appears to be the first introduction of P. To cite this page: Lernaea has also been reported to infest amphibians. Occurrence of the crustacean parasite, Lernaea cyprinaceaon fishes from the White river at Petersburg, Indiana.

Ecological Effects of the Use of Chemicals in Aquaculture. They are distinctly segmented.

British Fresh-Water Copepoda Vol. Feeding and mating were reduced when fishes are infested. Each released egg hatches within 24—36 hours. Ceccarelli investigated the susceptibility of different species of cultured fish in Pirassununga and Sao Paulo Brazil to the infection by L.

Removing fish from the system for 7 days will lrrnaea the life cycle in the tank because larval stages cannot survive without a host for this time period.

Lernaea cyprinacea

Cyprinaceq of the Pinus elliottii resin compounds against Lernaea cyprinacea in vitro. The present study explored the susceptibility of P. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: