Find great deals for LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. : Lego Ice Station Odyssey Toys & Games. View LEGO instructions for Ice Staton Odyssey set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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Also, the wheels were one of the reasons I loved the theme when Leog first saw them. I got a small set as a present from my parents first to get me into the theme, after which they got me this big one.

Peeron: Ice Station Odyssey (#)

If, however, you want a fantastic playset made out of Legos, it certainly is. I’ve always wanted this set but never got the luck! If you get this for the build you’ll be sorely disappointed. After the simple build, we’re all ready to play. Just because they made the thing super-tall at one point makes it 66983 big base? There’s a fair amount of trans-orange pieces as well, including two rare 10x10x12 corner panels.

LEGO Ice Station Odyssey Set 6983

I love the colors Lego used in the series, especially the trans orange. Posted December 24, Compared with Ice Planetthe stickers coming with each set of the Power Miners series are really annoying. I couldn’t have been more than 7 when I got this set, I was so happy that my dad budged from the 50 dollar rule.

In fact, the whole theme was. For me this space station is above average.

If you start like we did above, you’ll find the rocket ends up facing the wrong way in its holder. I agree with what you said about this set itself though. I gave it an outstanding, one of my first. Time for the countdown Very little of the final model’s overall structure is actually brick-built.


Even now, with the new series coming out, it is still the set of my dream. Like the other parts, it’s a submodel, but not one that gets its own page. A bump of the table, and the structure literally flies off the plate now.

I soon had to have every other set in the Ice Planet line. No review of this set would really be complete without a closer look at the whole rocket business, so as such, I present to you Meanwhile, a small construction featuring a 4×4 turntable is put on the construction placed on the lower area of the model. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

I hope I will get one someday The third part is the part that will hold the actual rocket and move it into its upright position. It too is based on a hinge and it uses two Technic steering links for support. The color scheme is great though. InM-Tron was on their way out and the Space Police were set to defend a third group of civilians: Posted December 23, There’s some grey technic bits and turntables thrown in here and there, but that’s pretty much it for deviant colors.

We could never afford the bigger stuff, so thanks for the great review. It’s basically just a plate with a bunch of wheels stuck on, and then a few things on top.

It’s legl the greatest build, I do agree, but like all of the sets of the time, it plays really well. Incidently, Commander Cool was Commander Bear in the UK sorry if someone else has highlighted that, haven’t read through the thread yet! There was a thread on this a while ago and it seems that nobody knows anymore, not even TLG.


I kind of like the four colors thing because it made those trans-orange really POP. Two small skis are included for the driver to use when arriving at the scene of the fallen rocket. This gives us our three players: You can turn the blue round 2×2 brick to move the launch rig llego and forth and the satellite dish up and down.

Instructions For LEGO 6983 Ice Staton Odyssey

And after only a few minutes it’s easy to see: If you have read any of my previous reviews, you might have read about my ingenious-but-to-die-hard-collectors-no-doubt-cringe-inducing method of storing boxes: Ice Planet was a great space theme. I rate this an outstanding, hands down. It’s put in place over the narrow parts of the pit. I recall thinking that those skis both the little orange ones and the long white ones were the coolest. Though your review is very, very good, I still think this line and this set sucks.

In the early nineties, Lego’s final frontier had long ceased to be a domain of simple explorers and researchers. Sadly, I don’t know what’s become of the inside of that flap, but I did find the alternate models that were on the back of the box. There’s no back printing, which would be redundant anyway: Of course even when your 683 isn’t running wild, you can leho spend some time just launching rockets.