As Disintegrating agent: Kyron T has a very high swelling tendency of hydration either in contact with water or G.I. fluids causing fast disintegration without. Article | The purpose of present study was to compare Kyron T with other superdisintegrants and optimize the fast dissolving tablet of. industry to mask the taste of bitter medicine to achieve stability and drugs. It is white to off white fine powder, swellable in water. KYRON T is derived from.

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DaveNehal T3-14. The result of flow property of formulations indicates that the blends were free flowing. Skip to search form Skip to main content.

Owing to these features, we have been able to serve industries like Pharmaceutical, Nutracuetical and Cosmetic Industries. Spectral scanning was done in the range between cm Among the tablets evaluated, formulation F-X prepared by adding co-processed superdisintegrants in ratio of 1: Formulation F-X was emerged as the overall best formulation based on drug release characteristics in pH 6.

Kyron T breaks the tablets into very smaller particles, t-341 it increases the effective surface area for the absorption of the active substances and thus it increases the dissolution and bioavailability of the active substances.


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Required quantity is from 0. Tablets formulated using a combination of coprocessed crospovidone A and Kyron T B 1: Mouth dissolving tablets of aceclofenac were prepared by wet granulation technique using KYRON T as superdisintegrant and menthol as subliming agent.

BairagiValmik R Patil The purpose of this investigation ktron to develop mouth dissolving tablets of aceclofenac using KYRON T Polacrillin Potassium as a novel superdisintegrant. Tyagi Associate Editor s Dr. Pilot study of relative bioavailability of two oral formulations of ketoprofen 25 mg in healthy subjects.

t-341 Analysis of drug release data indicated that formulation F-X followed first order kinetics. Erick Legrand Expert opinion on pharmacotherapy Author’s work Hide Show all. Related Items Author’s work. Formulation of a fast-dissolving ketoprofen tablet using freeze-drying in blisters technique.

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The standardized formulation F-X was compared with commercial conventional marketed tablets for percentage metoclopramide hydrochloride dissolved.

Required quantity is from 2.

Showing of 21 references. The bulk density was determined as the ratio of weight to the volume of sample. Keep away from moisture. Zero-order rate equation describes the one whose rate is independent of the concentration of drug undergoing reaction, while the first-order rate equation describes the one whose rate is directly proportional to the -t314 of drug undergoing reaction.


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Evaluation of KYRON T-314 ( Polacrillin Potassium ) as a novel super disintegrant

The authors are also grateful to Gujarat Microwax Pvt. Preparation kyroj evaluation of mouth dissolving tablets of salbutamol sulphate. Kyron T has a very high swelling tendency of hydration either in contact with water or G. The flow properties were graded as per the USP specifications [ 15 ].

How to cite item. The tapped density was determined as the ratio of weight to the volume of sample after tapping a measuring cylinder for times on an Electrolab Tap density tester.

Powder was poured through the funnel until the apex of the conical pile touched the tip of the funnel.