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Costanzi C, Pehrson JR. ACS Chem Biol 2: APP23 mice were 4—6 months old when they were injected. For methodological details see Fig 1. Single amino acid substitutions further define Xi localization domains Next, we asked whether individual amino acids of mH2A1-HD were sufficient to direct enrichment on the Xi.

LCPs are flexible amyloid-binding dyes whose spectral properties depend on the amyloid conformation. A novel chromatin protein, distantly related to histone H2A, is largely excluded from the inactive X chromosome.

Seeded strain-like transmission of β-amyloid morphotypes in APP transgenic mice

Assembly of newly replicated chromatin. In eukaryotes, chromatin is the basic platform for all DNA associated processes, such as replication, transcription, and genome segregation.

Enrichment of endogenous H2A or H2B on the Xi was not observed Supplemental Figure 1 and data not shownconsistent with a recent report. J Struct Biol H2A and H2A variants exhibit considerable sequence conservation; however, the regions in similar positions to those of mH2A1-HD that promoted Xi-enrichment Supplemental Figure 1indicated by a red box and those 22007 did not Supplemental Figure 1indicated by a yellow box show 200 variability between variants.

Please review our privacy policy. Published online Sep 3. How histone variants are correctly localized to their regions of action is poorly understood.

APP23 brain extract, lane 3: MacroH2A1 consists of a histone Kpp histone domain and a large, globular C-terminal macro domain that is not present in other histone proteins. J Mol Biol The effect of salts on the stability of the H2A-H2B histone dimer. Next, we asked whether individual amino acids of mH2A1-HD were sufficient to direct enrichment on the Xi. Xi-enrichment was assayed by co-localization with endogenous macroH2A1, using an affinity purified rabbit polyclonal serum generated against the macro domain of macroH2A1.


The histone tails protrude from the nucleosome and contain sites of post-translational modification, 2223 suggesting that modification of macroH2A1 may also play use role in its correct localization.


The manuscript will undergo copyediting, typesetting, and review of the resulting proof before it is published in its final citable form. Open in a separate window.

PCR primers used to generate the chimeras in this study are listed in Supplemental Table 1. We would also like to thank Brian Kelch for help with crystal structure analysis.

Ubiquitinated proteins including uH2A on the human and mouse inactive X chromosome: Source data for Figure 2 31K, pdf. Numbers are averages from three independent transfections, in each of which at least cells were counted. All crystal structure analysis was performed using Pymol v0.

Z in chromosome segregation.

Crystal structure of a nucleosome core particle containing the variant histone H2A. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Open in a separate window.

The DNA wrapped around the histone octamer is shown in ribbon. Footnotes The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. These 200 suggest that in some instances a single amino acid may be sufficient to determine which loader or exchange factor H2A or macroH2A1 interacts with, while in other instances the interaction face may 20007 more extended. Mutation of residues in the same position of the docking domain of Htz1, the Saccharomyces cerevisiae H2A. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 3: This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication.

Swapped regions occurred in well-defined structural domains of H2A that are largely conserved in the crystal structures of H2A and mH2A1-HD, but are divergent in amino acid sequence. Bbd is depleted on the inactive X chromosome Xi in mammalian female somatic cells.


The regions that did not promote localization were mostly buried or present on one face of the dimer Figure 3Ashown in yellow. Structural characterization of the histone variant macroH2A. Ysf that induced Xi-enrichment are colored red and residues that did ys are colored yellow.

The elements that direct macroH2A1-like localization form an aligned surface-exposed domain To gain insight into how dispersed sequences of the mH2A1-HD might promote localization to the Xi, we mapped the location of ysee residues onto the mH2A1-HD-containing nucleosome crystal structure. Supplementary information is available at EMBO reports online http: Z is enriched on heterochromatic foci and is necessary 200 faithful chromosome segregation.

We mapped the regions of the macroH2A1 histone domain that are sufficient for localization to the inactive X chromosome using chimeras between H2A and the histone domain of macroH2A1. The red line and blue line below the sequence indicates the region of the mH2A1-HD incorporated into the chimeras.

Proper localization of histone variants to distinct regions of the genome is critical for their function, yet how this specific localization is achieved remains unclear. The histone domain of macroH2A1 is alone sufficient to yde enrichment on the inactive X chromosome when expressed in female cells, indicating that sequences important for correct localization lie in this domain.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Histone variant macroH2A contains two distinct macrochromatin domains capable of directing macroH2A to the inactive X chromosome.