“Brilliantly written. An inspired thriller. His finest work.” —The Washington Post “A masterpiece of terror.” —Los Angeles Times“Completely plotted, thickly. Koko. Peter Straub, Author Dutton Books $ (0p) ISBN a playing card with “Koko” scrawled on it, was also a member of the platoon. Koko, released in , was Peter Straub’s first solo novel since ‘s collaboration with Stephen King, The Talisman. Straub had been a.

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Strahb don’t want to be too hard on the guy, because I’m sure he’d had to deal with a lot of that sort of thing. I was at the library earlier and actually looked for KOKO but they didn’t have it. A few scenes actually reminded me of “The Dead Zone,” specifically the scene in which Johnny and Bannerman go to the deputy’s house and talk to his crazy mother.

It’s mostly the story of Harry Beevers’ childhood, and it really gave me the creeps.

Koko by Peter Straub | : Books

Other books in the series. This one sounds similar: And given the lack of back and forth, it reads to me very much like an interview where he answered peyer the questions by mail or whatever.

Nothing negative comes to mind when I think of Koko. Because he had learned prematurely that the world was dangerous, he was jumpy, restless, hugely garrulous in spite of his stutter, physically uncomfortable and, at least until he began writing horror three decades later, prone to tsraub. The terrors explored within this novel are especially cutting as they focus on the all too true atrocities of war.

I koki when I first started reading Koko, I was turned off by it. Man he sounds persnickety as hell in that interview from the Talisman era! This book does not incorp Totally and utterly amazing.

B McMolo January stfaub, at 5: So here we have a pure but unsteady case of denial happily able to maintain itself through merciless effort. This is about men who share with each other because they recognize that only those who have been there can really feel the pain and grief.

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But that’s the thing: Koko has horrific acts — psychopathic killer, atrocities committed in war. In the end, though, these are small quibbles in a larger work, and Koko is well worth the read.

KOKO By Peter Straub

Its a Disjointed, psychological and somewhat confusing array of a tale But one that keeps you hooked throughout it and will keep you guessing until the end.

Neither does he sprinkle his conversation with filth.

Unusually for one lately so absorbed by his strqub concerns, kokoo seemed cheered by the prospect of my visit. He did recognize his own paranoia and was always ready and when he felt it was needed far over the top violent response. John DeBeauregard” on the front cover, I’m probably going to quit reading at some point. He also lost his job, and after stumbling across evidence of the Koko killings, he concocted a get-rich-quick scheme: Harry Beevers — The lieutenant of Poole’s platoon, Harry is a lawyer whose own marriage ended not too long ago.

When I finally did reach the last chapter, I have never been so disappointed in my life. It’s got as many similarities as it does differences, though, and anyone who has read those foregoing works would be likely to recognize the same authorial voice at work. Kokoreleased inwas Peter Straub’s first solo novel since ‘s collaboration with Stephen King, The Talisman. I really don’t know what to say here.

As is the case when I finish other Peter Straub novels, I closed Koko last night, speechless, aware that I had been, at least on a tiny level, transformed. Beyond this, we have to run the risk of being spoilery. The identity of the killer is well-concealed, and when it finally comes out, it’s entirely appropriate and calls back to earlier points of the book.

Koko – Peter Straub

This collaboration between two of the world’s best-known horror novelists is something of a curiosity in that it’s Hand me the same book with the name “Florence St.

His strong secondary focus is on character, though again as a function of psychology; and his tertiary focus in on prose style, which is sometimes — though not always — tied to structure. The characters, okay Dtraub am just going to say it. A couple of Emma Straubs as well. A long, complex journey to the heart of darkness that is not really about who – it’s about why.


The only economical means of managing the journey from Kennedy airport to Westport, Connecticut is by a van or bus under the management of pdter sadly misnamed Connecticut Limousine Company, which deposits the weary traveler in the parking lot of a Westport motel. Aug 17, Julie Failla Earhart rated it it was ok.

Michael and the group flee in different directions down a deserted street by the arcade. Beevers literally bashes a child’s brains out against a tree, and another soldier — quasi-accidentally I think — incinerates a few others with a flamethrower.

Only an author writing with great confidence could have pulled this one off. It is a work with multiple layers of meaning and symbolism as I think Straub intended Koko to be. World Fantasy Award for Best Novel At one point toward the end, it even becomes possible that the entire novel is merely a fictional or fictionalized narrative written by one of the characters. They all have their reasons to go and not go, put their lives on hold, as if they where not to begin with.

The main characters in this novel are the surviving members of an unit that fought in Vietnam and were involved in some situation for which they were investigated as a possible war crime. Bryant Burnette January 31, at 1: This book seems to be a sequel to “Koko”.

On the first page of “The Throat”, narrator Tim Underhill writes ” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Much of the plot is interspersed with flashbacks to the four friends’ time in Vietnam.