View and Download Pentax K10D operating manual online. SLR Digital Camera. K10D Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Have tried your link three times ” page not found”. Searched the UK site.. . found the K10D pics, specs, etc but no manual. Maybe. You’ll do better with the K10D if you take time to read the manual and learn every little function. The large Mode dial on top of the camera controls the main.

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Setting the Shake Reduction Function The [Shake Reduction] setting menu appears when the camera is turned on with the Shake Reduction switch on and a type of lens that does not support automatic acquisition of lens information such as focal length p. Page 92 The default setting is 9-image display. Select [Reset] in the [A Custom Setting] menu. Saturation Sets the color saturation.

Pentax K10D User Manual

Press the 4 button twice. Playing Back Images You can play back captured still pictures with the camera.

It displays the Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, exposure mode, battery status, EV compensation, drive mode, and the estimated number of images available, varying depending on mode and buttons active. Adjusting the Viewfinder Diopter Adjust the viewfinder to suit your eyesight.

You can then make minute exposure adjustments using the front dial for shutter-speed control and the rear dial for aperture control. Page Hyper-program To change the shutter speed You can switch to Shutter Priority automatic mankal by turning the front e-dial in e Hyper-program mode.

Dubbed Hyper-manual mode, this setting provides complete control over the exposure, with independent settings for aperture and shutter speed. Page Combining with L Msnual the L button p. The number of images can be changed but 9-image display is explained here. Adds a vintage touch to photos by converting them to sepia color. The first frame is exposed with no compensation, the second frame is underexposed negative compensation and the third is overexposed positive compensation when the number of k10c is set to [3].


Page Under the light to adjust the white balance, fully display a white sheet of paper in the viewfinder or select a white area as the subject.

The picture is saved when the set number of shots has k10 taken. Page Using the p Bulb Mode This mode is useful for the long exposures required for shooting night scenes and fireworks. Some deviation from the above figures may occur in actual use depending on shooting mode and shooting conditions. ISO – 4: Set the main switch to to display Digital Preview with the set White Balance.

Diopter correction lens adapter M This accessory adjusts the diopter. Choose the number of copies and whether to imprint the date or not. Standard display, Histogram display, Detailed information display and No information display image only. Use the four-way controller 45 to select h or i.

PENTAX-original Hyper operation system for quick response to varying shooting requirements One of the greatest benefits of SLR cameras is the freedom of expression provided by multi-mode manul control.

Setting the Color Space You can set the color space to use. Press the four-way controller K10f the four-way controller to set the operation. Setting the Exposure Effect of Aperture and Shutter Speed Correct exposure of the subject is determined by the combination of shutter speed mqnual aperture setting.

To detach the lens, hold down the lens unlock button and turn the lens counterclockwise. The degree of the soft-focus effect can be shifted in three levels. The self-timer lamp will blink to let you know that the camera is in remote control wait status. Sold Separately The shutter can be released with the optional remote control unit. Page Using Slow-Speed-Sync You can use slow-speed-sync when shooting portraits with the sunset in the background.

Pentax K10D Review – Operation

Adjusting The Focus Manually manual Focus Adjusting the Focus Manually Manual Focus When you adjust the focus manually, you can either check with the focus indicator in the viewfinder or use the viewfinder matte field to adjust focus. This is caused by the reflection of the electronic flash in the retina of msnual eye. This mode lets you quickly and effortlessly set the optimum exposure combination in both situations, with a simple maneuver of ISO sensitivity.


Set [Rcd img mankal. The multi-image options manuwl appears. It also features the same dust-proof, weather-resistant construction as th Summary of the content on the page No. Sets functions of e-dial in Program mode. Other Shooting Modes Continuous Shooting Pictures can be taken continuously while the shutter release button is held down.

Pentax K10D Camera download instruction manual pdf

Turn the zoom ring clockwise for telephoto and counterclockwise for wide angle. If the shutter speed or aperture is then changed, the combination of shutter speed and aperture changes while exposure is retained. Page Use the four-way controller 23 to choose manuql parameter you want msnual change.

Function Reference Function Reference Introduces functions to further enhance your q experience. Item Sets to automatically rotate images when playing Auto Image Rotation back. Versatile flash system to expand creative possibilities The K10D incorporates the advanced P-TTL auto flash system, which makes a pre-discharge just before shutter release, then transmits the data to the segment multi-pattern metering system for minute adjustment of the flash illumination level for extra-accurate exposure.

Pentax K10D instruction manual and user guide

You’ll do better with the K10D if you take time to read the manual and learn every little function. RAW data is data before being internally processed by the camera. This indicates that the CCD must be cleaned.

The selected AF sensor is superimposed in red over the image field as a visual reminder.