The first posts using John Titor’s military symbol appeared on the Time Travel Not all refer to the original dates posted. Would you believe it? Fifteen years ago, on March 24, , the individual posting as John Titor left his final message on the Post2Post Art Bell. If you’d like to read Titor’s original posts, has them available on their website (here’s another version with better formatting).

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Personally I like the Spiritualist ideal of pre-physical choice — I chose to be here, I chose this existence, extending that to…I chose this timeline.

The John Titor thread

I am trying to be objective about this, but as you continually evade and dodge the real questions, you become less and less credible. I do not wish to antagonize you however, we both know the Tippler cylinder is only a thought experiment to explain the very real physics behind Kerr black holes. I am not aggravated by words. Either you are a person who knows about time travel in the flesh so to speak or you contradict yourself by making out hat you do. Archived from the original on I suggest that if he is an attention monger hoaxer, he got you.

When you first started posting online, did anyone believe you? If that is true, it becomes very difficult to define death until all worldlines come to an end.

I think Russia is still very likely to attack the United States with nuclear weapons.

John Titor – Wikipedia

What college did you attend, what year did you graduate? I have thought again about how to revel information that would make me more believable but I always come across the following problems:.


That is the reason we need it in Jihn do not expect people to believe them. Adding electric charge to the singularities increases the diameter of the inner event horizons.

The more I read your postings, the more I question my understanding and local use of social interaction, courtesy and logic. How close does asteroid SG come to earth in the year I will be 78 years old by then and want to find a big rock to hide under. The same reason that makes it so important for physics students would make it just as important to understanding Time travel. Worldline changes are not ooriginal they act more like chaotic attractors with varying effect depending on their size and location.

Rereading my last post, bogus came off a little strong. I agree that conversation spurs ideas.

Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 2 – Paranoia Magazine

Do not kiss or have intimate relations with anyone you do not know. There would now be two travelers and two time machines.

Your folly not his.

Perhaps it would be better if you just considered me a fraud. If you can think of another way where I can interact with people I would very much like to hear your suggestions.

Take heart, on some worldline, you have succeeded and all time travelers are dead by the hand of your followers and thinking or talking about it is a crime. You may find jjohn interesting to know that the divergence can be more accurate with more sensitive gravity sensors and clocks.


There are origibal huge, centralized religions and people talk openly about their beliefs. Our simple ideas of time and space come from the fact the we are so used to living in a three dimensional universe.

Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 1

Do I care that people tell tihor to be open-minded? John, all kidding aside, an extremely important thing; do they ever get around to making any new Aeon Flux episodes? Imagine your path through time is through a cone. Yes, there are significant advances in computer science. For john any change does not affect his own world line for the same reasons. If you knew where I was and how to get the distortion unit, what would you do? In order to find me, they would have to believe time travel is possible.

A yardstick, a ruler called forever.

There will be two this year. If it makes you feel any better, I do struggle with not talking about football.

According to Titor, this caused a new timestream to form because of his time travel. What is your education system like? Anybody wishing to email John in private please use my email address and I will forward it to him. I imagined it between x1 and x2. I thought owning a handgun was legal in the United States?