Sathya Sai Baba Jnana Vahini. Translated from the Original Telugu Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust. The Stream of Eternal Wisdom. This is not just another book on the Nature of Jiva and the technique by which the Jiva discovers its Reality. Bhagavan Sri Sathya. Home; All Courses. Employability Courses. Hospitality · Automotive. Corporate Courses. ESD Control & Management · Realisation of Nano-Satellite.

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There is another wrong belief current today. Page 7 Top He who has subdued his mind will be the same, in good times and in bad. If it is said that the Jivi, who has no idea of its basic substratum, can by reasoning realise that it is Brahmam, how then can it ‘declare’ so, in so many words? He will not mistake the rope for the vahibi.

There is another type of attachment too, the attachment to the inner world The human personality has to be discarded by inner devotion and discipline and the acquisition of the Divine; then the knowledge dawns that one is divine.

You may doubt whether the knowledge got from the Sastras about things different from you, like Heaven etc. Then, the knowledge that the Atma is All, fills and fulfils; one is Atma through and through! The Cause cannot be without the Effect, and Effect cannot be without the Cause. Yet, he is not seeking to start a new religion. The Akasa in the pot is the ever-full immanent Akasa.

The Atma has no such modification. There lurks a ghost there”, they believe it to be true and get terribly frightened.

The Sruthis also did not consider Jiva and Brahma as of the same nature. Mere reading of the Sastras does not entitle one; the attainment of Sadhana Chathushtaya mentioned therein is essential. First, there must be the Subhechchaa, the desire to promote one’s own welfare. In other words, the World originates and develops and unfolds.


Vedic Remedies in Avhini. Page 16 Top This is the reason why Paramatma is characterised as Eternally Pure, eternally intelligent, eternally liberated, eternally illumined, eternally content, eternally conscious etc. The attachment to the Atma will not undergo any modifications; even when the senses and the body fall, the Atma will remain and infuse bliss.

Jnana Vahini by Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Vedic Books

When according to the statement, “Aham Brahmaasmi”, one understands that “I am Brahmam”, the Jivi who is the ‘I’ is a mutable entity, a Vikari. As the child refuses to believe in things vahin its circle of vision, the weakling afraid of the travail of winning that Drishti refuses to believe in the All-pervasive, All-inclusive Brahmam! Knowing it, experiencing it, is Jnanam. The Maya faculty is latent, but when it becomes patent, it takes the form of the mind.

Attachment brings about desire; desire leads to planning. So too, the Vidya or knowledge that arose from Jnaha destroys the very source of njana knowledge. When you feel three-fourths full, desist from further eating; that is to say, you will have to stop even when you feel you can take a little more.

This physical frame, built out of earth, fire, water, wind and ether, breaks up into its components, as built-up things do.

Catalog Record: Jnana vahini; discourses | Hathi Trust Digital Library

But the essence of Seva is selflessness and abnegation of the fruit thereof; the Sevaks have no right to look down upon the godly and the Spiritual aspirants as inferior. But thereafter, to say, “I saw” is meaningless; it is not correct.


Customers who bought this product also purchased The Ajnani will identify himself with the gross body, senses and mind, things which are but tools and instruments.

Page 33 Top The hare’s horn is non-existent; it is a description of something super-imposed; knowledge of the reality alone will destroy the idea for ever. Why, even prayer cannot be done, according to the mind’s vagaries. When therefore the mind is destroyed, the world too is destroyed and one is free, one is liberated; one attains Moksha.

Worship the great souls who have won wisdom From the gold or from the fire? It may be argued that since Maya produces Vidya, Maya is right and proper and deserving of respect; but the Vidya that arises out of it is also not permanent.

This obvious fact is ignored by many; that is a serious malady indeed! This is the genuine Moksha. The Lord is accessible and available to all. Without these three, the Jnana of the Atma will not dawn.

Jnana Vahini – वेद Veda

According to their nature and their activities, the four castes have been ordained. To realise this Atma, this Jnanaswarupa, there are four obstacles to be overcome: What happened was only the removal of the dross by the fire; the effulgence belonged to the gold itself; it is its very nature. Jnanaa this is due to attachment, to the temptations of the outer world.

Self-realization is the ultimate goal of life