JCM Taiko PUB Bill Acceptor uses a revolutionary drum winding technology that not only transports banknotes, but acts as an effective anti-fishing. AUBURN, Maine, Dec. 7, /PRNewswire/ — A new Cleaning Card for the JCM Global Taiko Bill Validators is being launched today through. JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11). Home · Bill validators; JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11).. JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11). Il TAIKO is small, efficient, secure and very easy to use.

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JCM Taiko Bill Validator Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards KWJCM-B5B15M

Sensor And Roller Cleaning Procedure Incorrect Connection Correct Software is not downloaded Banknote Acceptor is not working does not accept any Banknotes. Accept Setting Mode Banknote jams occur often.

Introduction Most Banknote Validator failures are due to minor causes.

Dispose of used Card in an environmentally safe manner. Led Pattern Setting Mode Check for any bent, missing or damaged Pins in the Connector Plugs and mating Receptacles. Troubleshooting Overview This product allows the operator to perform fault diagnosis by checking various fault Table listings against the symptom, and jdm the cause s of any failure occurrences during the process. Pc Program Installation If the Validator Head has to be repaired by disassembling it, always re-calibrate the Sensors following a repair.


The required software program can be downloaded from the Palm easily in the field. Proceed as follows to perform an Exit Flapper Test: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Acceptance Test detects the proper presence of inserted Banknotes.

The Cleaning Card will be accepted and then automatically returned. Perform cleaning and maintenance regularly when using the equipment in a place where excessive Automobile exhaust emission or Cigarette Smoke may exist. Figure Installing the Taiko Bezel 8.

Do not use the Acceptor where temperature variations widely fluctuate. Double Mouse-Click on SerialNo.

Dip Switch Tests When To Calibrate The acceptance rate will be improved, but operation time will be increased if a Banknote note is rejected. Performance Test Tailo Do not throw or pound hard on the Unit.

Firmly re-seat all of the Communication Connectors.

Jcm Taiko Pub-7 Bill Validator (cctalk/impuls) – Buy Bill Validator Product on

Writing A New Serial Number Taiok replacing any parts, make sure that all assembly and Circuit Board Connectors are properly fitted and the Harnesses are properly connected. Jcm Europe Gmbh Proceed as follows to perform an Entrance Flapper Test: Figure Taiko Transport Drum Removal Calibration And Testing Downloads Click here to get the PDF file for this product. When security measures against counterfeiting are implemented, the software may not fulfill the specified acceptance rate level.


Figure Taiko Operational Flowchart part 2 Taiko features the latest sensor technology blue, red, NIR and IR sensors to ensure a high level of validation security, and its selectable DIP switches put the power in your hands.

JCM Taiko™ Bill Validator Cleaning Cards

Bezel Guide Removal Figure Upper Guide Prism Removal After an initial operation is performed, twiko LED will flash a number of times equal to the total number of Banknote denominations processed. The default settings are to accept all Denominations of the Specific Country. Click here to get the PDF file for this product.