cavalry he commanded. This system worked for some time and thereafter like most other systems, a crisis developed within itself. The Jagirdari System was. Under the Mughal system the mansabdars were either paid their salary in cash or granted jagirs in lieu of that. But the treasury being exhausted. The jagirdari crisis had both an administrative and a social basis. The success of the jagirdari system depended on the ability of jagirdar.

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Throughout the Mughal regime there were numerous peasant revolts.

Role of Mansabdari and Jagirdari System During Mughal Empire

Regarding the lack of military force at the disposal of the jagirdars and faujdars, Bhimsen says that during the last years of Aurangzeb’s reign, except few, no mansabdar maintained more than sawars. The system was introduced by the Sultans of Delhi from the 13th century onwards, was later adopted by the Mughal Empireand continued under the British East India Company. The attempt to import this system into the Deccan where conditions were vastly different, was arguably the real basis of the crisis.

I want a free account. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Khafi Khan, says of the inadequacy of pai baqi, and the appointment of innumerable mansabdars. This, according to Francois Bernier, was at the root of the visible ruin of the agricultural land of the eastern states.


Assignment of a piece of land to an individual for the purpose of collection of revenue in lieu of cash salary is an age-old practice in India.

The jagirdar did not act alone, but appointed administrative layers for revenue collection. The growing dysfunctionality was aggravated by the problem of be-jagiri. Generally, the jama included land revenue, in-land transit duties, port customs and other taxes too.

Short notes on the jagirdari crisis under the Mughal rule

We also come to know that those who had or less than were called Mansabdars. The Mansabdar appears to be a central Asian institution. Further, those Mansabdars, who were paid in cash, were jagiddari Naqdi and those paid through Jagirs were called Jagirdars. A decrease in the effectiveness of the imperial authority led to more rebellion, which further reduced the authority and the cycle continued.

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But the treasury being exhausted the cash payment of salary was out of question the grant of jagir was also becoming increasingly difficult. History of Alienations in the Province of Sind. Then we look into the nature of the collapse. Thus there was the lack of sufficient jagirs required for the growing crisix of mansabdars awaiting grant of jagirs.

Short notes on the jagirdari crisis under the Mughal rule

Failure to meet the expectations of the khanazads undermined the loyalty of the old nobles, and as the system deteriorated, made them look to opportunities for carving out their own spheres of domination. The emperor can raise the rank of the Mansabdar by jagirdaei the number allotted to a Mansabdar.


Of these our main focus will be on the structural contradictions. Dam is a small copper coin. In consequence, the jagirdars were given jagirs in the areas called zor-talab.

The wars with the Marathas not only increased the expenditure of the Mughal administration for holding on to the Deccan but also humiliated the Mughal military prowess. The jagir grants were of several kinds and were known by different names, including jagiran area of neighboring towns or villages with an administrative paigah criiss, agraharumlimukasainamand maktha.

The structure of the pyramid is shown in figure. We may be deprived of it in a single moment, and our exertions would benefit neither ourselves, not our children.

The working of the administrative system worsened the situation.

Under the regime of Akbar, Mansabdari system became the basis of military and civil administration. For the film, see Jagir film.