ISO and PSPC, the term used is. “nominal dry film thickness.” • For consistency in comparisons of area in this article, square meters are used to describe. STANDARD. ISO. Second edition. Reference number. ISO (E). This is a free 5 page sample. Access the full version online. ISO Paints and varnishes – Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems – Measurement of, and acceptance.

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Click here to sign up. If discrepancies occur, the instrument adjustment should be repeated. Protective paint systems ISOPaints and varnishes — Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems — Part 6: The magnetic ield strength is related to the coating thickness. Design considerations ISOPaints and varnishes — Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems — Part 4: This new measurement will then be the individual dry-ilm thickness.

Each dificult area, e. For the purposes of this standard, any speciied thickness is taken to be nominal as deined in ISOand the dry-ilm thickness is the typical thickness above the peaks of the surface proile.

Surface profile shall be medium G quality and of the cleared steel surface or surface roughness is estimated by the relation of the highest ledges to the cavities casually formed on surface.

ISO – Free Download PDF

This equipment may incorporate a statistical capability. Page 4 of 9 Prior to measurement of thickness a film shall reach sufficient degree of hardness. Waste should be collected and utilized according to the valid legislation and the established rules.

Content of procedure 3. Test should be done on small part – 3 or 4 testbig part – every parts. One test on one batch should be done.


Repairadditional coats or recoating as appropriate. A5 Corrosion protection work carried out by: In this standard, individual readings are used. This example is also applicable when using the methods described in Annexes A and B. NOTE 2 For deviating surface proiles or in the case of particular agreements between the interested parties, a method for determining the correction value to be used is given in Annex D. Bolts, nuts, caps, sticky tape, fabric, tarpaulin, rubber can be freee protection.

Representative photographic examples of the change of appearance imparted to steel when blast-cleaned with different abrasives ISO Rust grades and preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates and of steel substrates after overall removal of previous coatings. Draft International Standards adopted by the technical committees are circulated 1840 the member bodies for voting.

If the acceptance criteria above are not met, the inspection area shall be rejected see also ISO series. Adjust the scale reading to the value of the shim.

Acceptance criteria: ISO 19840 and coating system

Check an intermediate-value shim to ensure that the adjustment is correct. NOTE Other methods using a similar principle are available.

Science Chemistry Materials Science Acceptance criteria: Inspection shall be done on every coated parts. NOTE As a rule, the effect of substrate thickness is manifest in substrates up to a thickness of approximately 1 mm. Preparation and painting in premises provide optimum conditions for the achievement of best result.

PowerPoint Presentation – Joan Miro. Documents connected with procedure The work of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees. In many instances, the effect of these changes will be small compared to the effect of the blast-cleaned surface inish which is dealt with in the main body of this International Standard. Paints and solvents shall be stored properly. Veriication shall then be carried out on uncoated test plates 5.


Acceptance criteria: ISO and coating system

Pre-coated test plates 5. If this is not possible, a special adjustment sample can be provided which is, in its material properties that can affect the ilm thickness measurement, similar to the steel structure and isi been cleaned and pre-treated in the same way. The methods in Annexes A and B are intended to be used only if speciied or agreed. During warehousing of paints and solvents it is free to consider safety data indicated on factory labels, requirements regarding storage conditions and periods of storage.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Preparation grades of welds, edges and other areas with surface imperfections [4] ISOPreparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products — Visual assessment of surface cleanliness — Part 4: ISO and coating system data sheet.

Inspection should be done for ever y parts. They produce a coating thickness measurement by measuring the change in magnetic fre strength within their probes due to fgee proximity of the magnetic substrate. They measure the force required to overcome the magnetic attraction between a magnet and a magnetic substrate.

This enables the minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation to be calculated. Annex A, which is informative, is a method based on adjusting the instrument to known thicknesses ieo a rough surface.