Rijksoverheid () Integratienota Integratie, Binding, Burgerschap . homoplein en keppeltjesdag [Amsterdam’s PvdA wants homo square and yarmulke day]. Koninkrijksrelaties), Integratienota Integratie, binding, burgerschap, 16 June , van de SP-kiezers en de helft van de kiezers van de PvdA, D66 en stelde zijn vragen naar aanleiding van de nieuwe integratienota van het.

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Engaging the Muslim World sets a possible course for the new Obama administration, doing away with the neocon-inspired Bush “war against evil states”. A cultural relativist by trade and necessity. Now and then, Cole publishes a “guest editorial” by another expert. Yesterday, a relatively minor social-democrat eminence, senate-member Frans Leijnse, also professor integratienot the respected Leyden University, finally crossed the border of silence and wrote an article for a nationwide daily, demonstrating that Wilders’ party, the PVV, is to be considered as neo-fascist.

Wilders “to please consider the consequences of his deeds” for the international position of the Netherlands and its business integratienotz. But why wouldn’t it be feasible?

At Home in Europe [EN]: August

The only solution, I see, is a grassroots campaign in the twelve Dutch integratieonta provinces that shows how patient and democratic action creates a better life for all inhabitants of f. In French and mostly translated into Englishsimilar studies by Olivier Roy: Wilders remains free, to develop his provocations and to terminate his collaboration with the Right at any moment that suits him.


People feel themselves abandoned, left alone. The VVD and CDA agree on a 18 billion euro spending-cut program, without compensation by way of charging the wealthy and the banks who provoked the recent financial crisis. At Home in Europe [EN]. That shows, that the acolytes of Geert Wilders are empty-headed and supremacist.

Cole generates a daily stream of posts that deal with the real developments “on the ground” in the Middle East and Asia and intervenes into US debates, learned and less learned, that develop around those issues. I have been wrong. De Lage ;vda Blog: A Mixture That Calls He is a fine expert of the Muslim world, its history and its diversity. Meanwhile, the not-right political side, kept quiet. Wilders, who had himself elected on promises of no-cuts on pensions and welfare, agrees however, in so far as his program of apartheid and discrimination of immigrants, as well as his security proposals are honored by the two other parties.

At Home in Europe Topics:. Opiniepeiler De Hond stelde zijn vragen naar aanleiding van de nieuwe integratienota van het kabinet, die afgelopen week door minister Piet Hein Donner werd gepresenteerd.

In de reguliere peiling naar het aantal virtuele Kamerzetels van de politieke partijen veranderde niets, ondanks toch grote onderwerpen de afgelopen weken als bezuinigingen op de zorg, de cultuur en de publieke omroep. At Home in Europe. Found a place to be: Wilders calls the shots Wilders’ one-man PVV “party”, a mafioso construction controlling 24 out of parliamentarians in the Dutch administrative capital The Hague is not excluded, no, it it calling the shots, for the moment.


Als deelnemers de vraag voorgelegd krijgen op wie ze nu zouden stemmen, zien ze eerst hun oude keus voor zich. She explains, what mixture of racisme we have to to do with, here.

Common sense will accept credibility of peaceful social solutions. Invading the Middle East develops a historic parallel between Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Egypt in and the Bush war against Iraq. Wilders’ political career, based on discrimination and hate-mongering.

Integratiebeleid kabinet krijgt brede steun bevolking

Tuesday, August 31, Wertheim: Too little, too late. About Islam, anything goes, actually. The hate-poison has spread itself to wide proportions intebratienota the public. Wilders’ ideas are racist, in her view.

There is no way back. Lone rider Wilders has their sympathy.

Zo worden de veranderingen in stemgedrag per individu geregistreerd. Wilders already gave in on the retirement pension issue.

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