Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Inazo Nitobe. · Rating details · 4, ratings · reviews. A century ago, when Japan was transforming itself from an isolated feudal society into a modern . Bushido, the Soul of Japan, by Inazo Nitobe, [], full text etext at sacred-texts. com.

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Why would Nitobe not use the people who were these warriors to explain their belief systems and their insight into the true nature of Bushido? Five doctoral degress Nitobe was a fine stylist in English; he wrote five out of his sixteen volumes in that vushido, which earned him a place among the best known Japanese writers of his age. Published March 1st by Kodansha International Ltd first published He did this rather successfully, even if some readers including myself a century later would prefer our study of oriental culture and philosophy mixed with oriental history and anecdotes.

He then goes on to explain in excruciating detail the mindset of the inaao Japanese man at he beginning of the 20th Century using poignant examples from the Bible, Shakespeare, and Greco-Roman mythology that the average westerner today and in would be well aware of.

The Soul of Japan by Nitobe Inazo. The notion that being polite is more important than telling the truth, is totally averse to a western mindset and what has led a Canadian acquaintance of mine to label the Japanese as “a slimy, two-faced people” but in actuality, being in close contact with them, is just a way of trying to avoid offending The seven virtues are all still considered virtuous, but we don’t regard them in the same way today.

While it was a nice read, it doesn’t really tell you anything buwhido Bushido as such. Nov 11, JD Estrada rated it liked it.


The legendary sources that he cites are exceptional, not typical, which is why they have come down to us as legend. It is hard to take away the fact that Nitobe is an intellectual. Now that is a book I look ssoul to: This book was written inless than 30 years after the restoration measures which begun the downfall of the warrior. Not that this is necessarily wrong, but the problem lies in the fact that this is all there is.

And all of its many readers in the past have been amply rewarded, as will be all those who turn to its pages in the next and future decades. Nitobe shows his strong respect for the Bushido ethical system. This is the first in a three-part series on Bushido. This is evident especially when you compare generations in the Japanese, many of the elderly still have that fire and passion in them, where now the youth are focused on more trivial matters and pursuits with little to no interest in buhsido own nation’s heritage.

How well does the book fare? The Soul of Japan is, along with Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo —a study of the way of the samurai.

It was published in Bushidonitobe inazo. Using analogies that western European readers would be familiar with from ancient Greek philosophers to Nietzsche.

It’s clear to see he’s widely travelled and very well read, but the case is never truly convincing.

When men’s fowls and dogs are lost, they know to seek for them again, but they lose their mind and do not know to seek for it. In short, this isn’t a scintillating read and it isn’t meant to be so.

Bushido, the Soul of Japan Index

He provides a common system of reference to describe something as esoteric and variable as the Bushido. Mar 04, Capsguy rated it really liked it Shelves: The Soul of Japan in Englishin Monterey, Californiathough according to the book’s preface it was written buwhido Malvern, Pennsylvania.

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Beauty of colour and of form is limited in its showing; it is a fixed quality of existence, whereas fragrance is volatile, ethereal as the breathing of life. Views Read Edit View history. A book written by a Westernized Japanese scholar,to answer Westerners’ questions about the Japanese mentality and Bushido. I live and work in Korea but my boss, raised in Japan originally told me, “This book is the key to understanding the Japanese mind.

Engaging and beautifully written, BUSHIDO is an insider’s look into the foundational beliefs and customs of one of the most mysterious to Westerners cultures on the planet. In the following chapter, he jaoan the sources of Bushido, where he states that the way of thought has its roots in Shinto, Zen and Confucian philosophy that have molded the philosophy of the Japanese to a much greater extent.

It was interesting and it helped make me understand the Mishima incident a tad more. In analyzing Bushido as a social tradition of Japanese feudalism, the author frequently refers to Western literature, religions, and philosophical thoughts, of which his commanding is very impressive. Each chapter leads into the other quite easily, which is quite impressive and not something I feel inzao at the turn of the century in their non-native tongue were good at constructing.

Project Gutenberg 58, free ebooks.

Bushido The Soul Of Japan 13th Edition

Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. Nitobe originally wrote Bushido: There should be no question that Nitobe understands and uses a rhetorical mastery in his writing style.

Isn’t killing the central function of swords or samurai? Nitobe changed all that when his text established Japan as a masculine, dynamic and poetic land with a unique warrior culture.