Every Tuesday on we take a look at books and authors from mainstream literary fiction that contain aspects of science fiction, fantasy. Complete summary of Richard Brautigan’s In Watermelon Sugar. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of In Watermelon Sugar. First published in , In Watermelon Sugar was Richard Brautigan’s third published novel and, according to Newton Smith, “a parable for survival in the 20th.

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Or you walked someplace. The walls of the hatchery “went up around the ashes” Inn was crying and had a scarf knotted around her neck. Pauline says in her sleep, “The lamb sat down in the flowers.

That is my name. Somebody asked you a question and you did not know the answer. But he doesn’t win the prize and with some embarassment life goes on as usual.

He recognizes the problem inherent in society, and this may be his shock therapy to awaken society itself to that problem, much the same way that Jonathan Swift? The inBoil gang “lived in a wugar bunch of lousy shacks with leaky roofs,” “drank whiskey brewed from the things they found” Brautigan But the detachment of the narrator and the other members of iDEATH protects them; it allows them to turn away from the deceptive and ephemeral world.

But some critics, as we’ve seen, see things differently. They would grow more and more nervous and no account and then finally you would hear them having joined inBOIL’s gang and now they were working with him in ricchard Forgotten Works, and being paid in whiskey that inBOIL made from forgotten things.

Indeed, this “transitoriness of things” is a main concern of In Watermelon Sugar. In fact, many of the insights of the one book undercut the sugary values of the other; for sugaf the poor and watermelom broken inherit trout-fishing-in-America, the wahermelon of iDEATH will be “a masquerade party”.


An Historical Romance In contrast to the tragic implications of being hopelessly entwined in the deceptive world, we see the benefits of remaining detached when the commune’s members witness inBOIL’s suicide. The cut-off date is a similiar device of science fiction and fantasy, in which the causative event can be a nuclear explosion or a simple rejection of the old ways for a new and presumed better way.

In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan

Publication suspended and The socks had a written guarantee. The fantastic nature of Brautigan’s world in which tigers eat parents, but, at the same time, talk and teach children arithmetic, in which the brook runs through the house and the material things bridge, clocks, booksare constructed of watermelon sugar is further supported by Brautigan’s use of linguistic play.

Even though the narrator speaks of her body in lyric expressions, they are not particulary good lyric expressions. The twelve men at the watermelon works, including Fred, contribute a great deal and are fine craftsmen if not sjgar.

Undermining its own status as a physical entity, Brautigan’ s narrator refers to himself as to purely imaginative, fictional being sugat even an abstract phenomenon in addition to the above, being also an inability to answer the question; being writing a short story etc.

Nothing will do but a fresh start, with a fresh set of watermeloj In Watermelon Sugar takes us back to the beginning, for this is Eden, with its syllabic and accented soul mate iDEATH, reconstructed.

His friend, Keith Abbott, tells us about Brautigan’s view of life:. But soon they’ll destroy all their brautian streams, all their sources of life. The next love scene is even colder. What were her choices if Charley had not assigned her to cooking and she had no children after nine years or more?


The tigers symbolize wwtermelon destructive ambiguity of man, his instinct for survival and his rational nature that allows him to explain his acts of violence in terms of survival.

On the next day, Monday, the narrator decided Margaret was disgusting, refused to sleep with her, and later praised Pauline’s painting; unable to sleep, he walked to the aqueduct and saw the girl with the lantern—not knowing she was Pauline Brautigan shows that he realises this paradox. In Watermelon Sugarat least is avowedly a tale for good children.

Brautigan taught me why I like De Saint-Exupery: Finally, a month before the “present time,” Charley tells him: They brood against the community; that ricnard repulsive to the narrator. Also digressions, like the story of Trout Fishing in America Shorty, a legless wino whom the narrator and his friends braktigan to pack off to Nelson Algren in a shipping crate, with a couple of cases of sweet wine: There was once a more violent time—the time of the tigers—but they have been killed watermleon.

In Watermelon Sugar

In the process, one man puts out an eye, part of sight. It is different from previous fantasies because it subverts the very nature of the referential function of the language and offers, in an experimentally playful way, an alternative vision of reality both from the formal linguistic, thematic and social behavior point of view. There must be worse lives.