IMM 5292 PDF

IMM 5292 PDF

certificate of departure (IMM );; immigrant visa and record of landing (IMM )/confirmation of permanent residence (IMM );; visitor record (IMM );. i only have the PR card and i do not remember that i was given the IMM or IMM can any one advice me if i can apply for the. Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing (IMM ); Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM or IMM ). Instead, fill out the.

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IMM – what does it look like? – British Expats

Find More Posts by Almost Canadian. These two pages would bear the labels:. This number is all digits. As has been mentioned it is required for Citizenship apps, plus, and this I find highly amusing given the length of time some people could potentially have to keep it that you need it for pension claims.

BB code is On. Find More Posts by Zoe Bell.

What immigration documents can I have replaced if they are lost, stolen or destroyed?

Each identification type will have its own unique identification number. Find More Posts by gad We haven’t got ours either. Thereafter, they would need to enter the number of packages they need. They would need to: Jan 26th8: Has anyone applied for citizenship without these documents?

Citizenship Application- IMM 1000/5292/5688

Officers 5229 also need to note that the scanning process requires the paper to correspond to a standard size. Oct 17th1: Officers would need to note that the authorities have made no changes to the specifications for the client photo. They would need to:. However, there are no major umm to the processing of cases, which the officers processed using IMM forms. Thankfully I’m a little anal when it comes to things from immigration so I kept hold of it, and glad I did.


imj They would be able to achieve this by eliminating the processing and handling costs traditionally associated with hard copy archiving. I appreciate the replies, but panic over! Or never got it? We had to get copies, which were easy to get, from our local office.

Add a Poll to this Thread. The distribution process of the form would continue to remain the same.

A least that what I can tell when I look at the bottom left of that sheet. Officers would need to note that the plain paper version of the form does not have an integrated adhesive photo patch. Imm More Posts by sharkus. They would need to ascertain that the two photos:. They did this to maintain consistency with the current IMM This is required for the production of the Permanent Resident PR card.

Your Record of Landing number starts with a W ; followed by nine numbers. In comparison, plain paper documents are available on demand. At the indicated place on the CIC Copy, the issuing office would continue to mount a photo of the holder. This would help them secure the photo to the form.


Therefore, this OB outlines the: This would indicate their confirmation that they: Jan 27th In such cases, the officers would need to: In some situations, the likelihood exists that missions are not able to source this paper locally. Find More Posts by the undutchables.

What immigration documents can I have replaced if they are lost, stolen or destroyed?

Any corrections made should also be reflected in the remarks in FOSS. However, they would only issue the Im Copy to the client once the authorities grant Permanent Resident PR status to the client at: Instead, the officers would print these documents on plain paper. However, once they have the standardised photo patches, they would need to stop the use of glue sticks.

Thanks so much, Allie. Jan 26th2: The change is that henceforth, officers would 5229 longer need to have the client sign within the green shaded signature box. This would help avoid any complications during the scanning process. They would be im to spot this item in the drop-down menu. Officers would need to check that the two photos of the client meet the prescribed requirements.