The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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The HA system Veritas hot standby can also be configured in the distributed mode.

Huawei iManager U Price Manual Specification Certification —

Trail A trail is a kind of transport entity, mainly engaged in transferring signal from the input of the trail source to n20000 output of the trail sink, and monitoring the integrality of the transferred signal.

The policy packages verifying function ensures the correctness of policy package configurations and correlations among the policies within the same policy package. Moreover, less time of the network administrator is required and the impact of incorrect operations on original services is prevented.

The U provides efficient test diagnosis tools. It can be referenced by a type of device or none of the devices. Several items or no item can be selected.

The edge DS nodes usually perform complex flow classification on the traffic that enters the DS domain. After the user initiates a service request, the ASON selects a route automatically, establishes and removes connections through the signaling control, and performs network connections automatically and dynamically.

The typical configuration data includes imaager configuration, clock configuration and protection relationship. Sheet Pre-deployment The U provides the sheet pre-deployment solution.

The U has imanagef the layer-based management mode to meet the management requirements in the transition from the existing vertical network to the flattened horizontal network. After the line board is set as REG on the U, each pair of optical interfaces of the line board provides a special receive or transmit function. Configuration data is the instruction file of NEs, and it is the key for efficient network running.


Alarm Display In the Topology View In the topology view of the U, alarms are displayed in different colors to indicate different status of the submaps and NEs. If a fault occurs to one of the bound services, all bound services will vms as a whole. From SDH equipment perspective, creation of virtual fibres disassociates its fibre connection with WDM equipment and prevents impact on the auto fibre search function, imanagee independence of SDH trail management.

After the optical signal is transmitted over a certain distance, the accumulation of positive dispersion broadens the imanaegr signal pulse and seriously affects the system transmission performance. You can view the deployment results through the auditing function. In the TMN hierarchy, the U is located between the element management layer and network management layer, and supports all functions of the NE and network layers.

It helps you to identify a processed alarm. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. You can monitor the operating status of the entire network in real time by browsing the topology view. The management over all the switches within the cluster is realized through imanaer public IP address.

A minimum of one item or a maximum of all items can be selected. Then the rules will take effect on a weekly cycle.

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This configuration method is often used for the normal nodes in a chain network. Hence, multiple operating systems are compatible. In this way, existing network resources can be reused maximally, and equipment expenditure can be reduced. The U supports the ability to synchronize NE alarm.

You can configure the U to automatically synchronize the NE time by specifying the automatic synchronization period. Management capability The number of managed Maximum: It supports overflow dumping and manual dumping of alarms.

The U server communicates with its managed devices in inband or outband networking mode. In this case, you can query the current alarm of the NE from the shortcut menu. This function helps to jump to the topology object that generates the required alarm. Submarine cable line management includes the following functions: Layer A concept used to allow the transport network functionality to be described hierarchically as successive levels; each layer being solely concerned with the generation and transfer of its characteristic information.


The LCT provides the user with single-layer management network solutions to the transmission network of up to five NEs to realise integrated management of multi-service transmission network. In each host and each router bs the Internet, there is a routing table that contains information about how the service is transmitted from the source to the sink, providing a basis for route selection.

If the active site fails, the U can be switched to the standby site so that the U application is not interrupted. After addition, the 2n000 has the permissions of the user group.

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You can set the U to automatically synchronize the NE time by specifying the automatic bs period. As a low rate protocol, the OAM protocol uses very small network bandwidth. When threshold the performance event count value exceeds the upper threshold, a performance threshold-crossing event is generated; when the performance event count value is below the upper threshold for a period of time, the performance threshold-crossing event is ended. You can know the equipment running information through NE logs.

The main functions for managing system processes are as follows: Meanwhile, the view displays the objects at different coordinates in the background map, which offers an imqnager view on the deployment of objects.

When a fault occurs in hardware or software, the VCS restarts or stops the application service.