Il secolo breve by Eric J. Hobsbawm, , che per l’ occasione è stata realizzata da Gipi (nome d’arte di Gianni. Il secolo breve. ( L’epoca piu’ violenta della storia dell’umanita’). by Hobsbawm Eric J. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles. Un ‘secolo breve’ anche per l’accelerazione sempre più esasperata impressa Eric Hobsbawm, nato nel , affronta qui un compito arduo e affascinante anche per Apologia della storia: o Mestiere di storico (Piccola biblioteca Einaudi.

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Usually the only people tackling long general histories are conservatives. Oct 28, BertieRussell rated it it was amazing. Hobsbawm was born in Egypt to Viennese parents who spoke English in the home, and his syntax seems to have been permanently ruined by the experience. But the cracks that these forces, unchecked, are ssecolo in our personal, societal and environmental worlds are widening.

It is not a narrative and those less familiar with the events would be better with Martin Gilbert or John Roberts’ efforts.

I was born in the twilight of that turbulent century, and thus I consider myself a product of that unique phase of human history, an heir to its cumulative impact for no man can escape the crucible of his respective historical context. So Hobsbawm offers something that was definitely missing.

The Age of Extremes: A History of the World, by Eric Hobsbawm

Nevertheless, as the front between capitalism and communism congealed “from Stettin to Trieste” as the Cold War set in, the structural changes to Western democracies that came as a result of their wartime shift to the Left remained in place, even in America, where there was no return to classical liberalism. Want hobsbxwm Read saving…. There, the historian admits his impotence.

Hobsbawm himself admitted that he is not really suited to a dispassionate analysis of contemporary history. Refresh and try again. First, no solution to the economic malaise was found apart from government intervention and regulation of the economy – in other words the market, left alone, did not ‘fix’ itself. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

He could not stand the compulsory ‘cure’ imposed on him. What a shame this book could not be a text in schools below college level – yet it could not be because an adult reader can bring so much life-knowledge to the reading, about which a young person would be clueless.


The system of crash industrialization based on a military-style communist party command structure was able to produce a Soviet society in which the state guaranteed a minimum level of existence for its population food, clothing, shelter but not much else.

He becomes quite prophetical and also quite depressed if that is the correct world to use about the future; he more or less predicted our current economic woes – that we have hit another, quite severe, slump, something inherent in free market economies he claims. He was not so much a victim of the criminalisation of male homosexuality in Britain before the s as of his own failure to recognize it. Books by Eric Hobsbawm.

But to get the impression from a few critics that he is a rabid unapologetic Stalinist certainly will cause you to miss out on a lot of fascinating insights from this book. World Wars, the Cold War, and the fall of Berlin wall.

Modern History 4 books. Turing committed suicide inafter having been convicted of homosexual behaviour, then officially a crime, and believed to be a medically or psychologically curable pathological condition. In fact, when they moment came, power had not so much to be seized as to be picked up” For who else was there to turn to?

This book’s only rival known to me in historical writing, is the previous tome of the series: I’ll go back to it when I’m a bitter old man and probably like it. It is more nearly a series of essays on the history of the twentieth century world. They had no one to rely on but the state. Ours is no less great. This played directly into the hands of Stalin, who modified the original Bolshevik vision to mean “socialism in one country” and proceeded to build up the USSR at the expense of fomenting revolution elsewhere in the world.

Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. In fact, Soviet collapse was the result of the Kremlin’s deferral of badly-needed reform. Hobsbawm’s apologetic tone towards the USSR is inversely related to his barely-concealed repugnance toward the USA and dim assessment of its global footprint, an interpretation that appears to be based mostly on traditional British anti-American snobbery, European chauvinism and subaltern claptrap rather than on even-handed judgment.


berve Oct 20, Steve Cooper rated it it was amazing. Not a single page is boring because Hobsbawm’s breadth of knowledge leaves nothing hanging unattached, out of context. The curious thing is that although you finish the book wonder-wounded as Hamlet would put it Hobsbawm has left some very important questions unanswered.

The Age of Extremes: A History of the World, 1914-1991

Eric Hobsbawm writes in a manner that is not too academic or dry, but this book is packed full of interesting researched facts and analyses, and the chapters on the arts, stemming from the early 20thC avant-garde right through to ‘modern-art’ however we interpret it today were really insightful. I heard this guy was a british national treasure and one of the most famous living historians.

As I suggested at the outset, it is also a kind of time capsule from the mids, demonstrating what seemed important about history at the time.

One, it is an intermediate level book, so it is not meant for people who are newly exposed to 20th century history. Even though I knew most of the events of which he spoke, he offers sort of grandfatherly perspective to what the hell happened over the last years, and makes the young solipsistic leftist like me feel better, not so cast adrift in history.

An apparently omniscient, polyglot and polymathic erudition across the fields of economic, social, cultural and political history is an inexplicable feat. This sort of the-devil-made-me-do-it explanation should be dismissed as fellow traveller propaganda. Overview Hobsbawm divides the Short Twentieth Century into three periods: Sep 18, Clif rated it it was amazing.

I would like to read what Eric Hobsbawm would make of our current world situation, and seeing as this historian is still alive according to wikipedia he is an impressive 94 years oldand has lived through this century that he writes about would be more than interesting. Aug 19, Justin Evans rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is not a light book.