Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Feltrinelli, – Psychology – pages. Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Euroclub, – pages. Il mondo incantato: uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe. Front Cover. Bruno Bettelheim. Feltrinelli, – pages.

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It’s also true that I’m just not that interested in children’s literature, which, on the surface at least, seems to be Bettelheim’s pri This one came highly recommended to me from, I don’t know, being alive. It reads like a term paper written the night before it is due by some juvenile student hoping his heavy-handed wink-nudge routine and charm gets him an A.

Bruno Bettelheim – Böcker | Bokus bokhandel

View all 6 comments. While he’s analyzing the effects on the modern child, I think acknowledging these differing histories more clearly and consistently would have improved the book for me a lot. Books by Bruno Bettelheim. I’m not talking Lacan, or anything really cutting edge.

Unfortunately, as he gets into the nitty gritty of looki Bettelheim’s Uses of Bettelhwim is one of those classic pieces of criticism that are both absolutely essential and hopelessly outdated. The large scheme of the book I enjoyed: I have two young children, and most of the time I have no idea what is going on in their heads. While I enjoy the exploration of the broader themes of myths and fairy tales which is why I had initially read Campbellthis book relied WAY too much on Freud.

This book was a nightmare to read.

The brothers Grimm collected 2 Finally I’ve finished this book and I must say Incwntato feeling very disappointed. Children will naturally understand that violent ends to fairy-tale villains are just and therefore nothing to be upset about.


Some of his ideas a The Uses of Enchantment: More sensitive children who would be upset by imagery, like Cinderella’s stepsisters cutting up their feet or Snow White’s stepmother dancing herself to death in red-hot shoes, ik aren’t relevant to his pronouncements. Bettelheim missed the Welsh tale of Sir Gawain and the Loathely Lady, in which it is the bride who is loathesome and monstrous.

I’d recommend it to people who want to write something on fairy tales and how they can help children get over their psychological and also oedipal problem, if there are any. I have a whole new sense of how fairy tales work and why they have survived through history after reading this book, and if you feel like discovering a whole new level into the complexity of these well-worn and told stories I recommend you to read this book. He pooh-poohs as shallow the idea that people might be frustrated by how many damsels in distress are featured in the most popular fairy tales.

Il mondo incantato. Uso, importanza e significati psicoanalitici delle fiabe

Bettelheim recommends telling tales instead of reading them. It is compulsively readable. The author here says that the Prince is revolted by the blood from the ugly sisters because it makes the sexual allusions all too clear, and like Cinderella, this is a rite of passage for him too towards being prepared for sexual love.

The author says this is incredibly important as it allows children to know the world depicted is not real and so is a safe place for them to engage bettelhelm wish-fulfilment — in all its excess and sometimes in all its horror.


Look, this book has historical importance, and I won’t deny that. Monndo I would’ve liked to see more thought put into the rigid gender norms and overall sexism all these stories embody. Also, as a disclaimer, Bettelheij pretty much skimmed the last pages or so.

Yes, fairy tales are important and can teach many things in many different ways.

Kinder brauchen Märchen

He also believes the converse — by depriving children of fairy tales, you deprive them of a strong resource critical to their psychological maturation. He acknowledges this, and, as such, one of his most compelling overall arguments is incantayo fairy tales allow children to work through multiple, and very normal, psychological conflicts about relationships and their bodies and their psychic growth and biological development that, if addressed directly, would horrify and stunt.

Feb 05, Amy Rae rated it it was ok Shelves: Good in that it gets you interested in the original versions of stories like Cinderella, Snow White, etc. Jul 05, Peter rated it it was ok Shelves: Sometimes a cigar incajtato just a cigar. A surprisingly entertaining read, though likely not in the way the author intended.

But Bettelheim here comes across as reductive, and overly simplistic, and for me, it made his approach overall easy to ignore.

Through years of observation of myself, I realize that my own actions unconsciously affect my feelings about myself and or, hence my feelings and expectations about others, and without conscious effort these feelings can go uncontrolled. View all 4 comments.