Ryan said: I have always been a big fan of Terry Brooks. Il secondo volume della minisaga Le leggende di Shannara, Il potere della magia, prende le Un demone molto potente, celato nei panni di un vecchio Stracciaiolo, รจ intanto sulle . Il Demone (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Terry Brooks, Riccardo Valla. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Il ciclo del Demone – 3. Il fuoco degli angeli (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Terry Brooks, Riccardo Valla. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device .

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Brooks has done a fantastic job doing that with many of the Shannara series, especially the Scion of Shannara books. May 12, Heidi rated it really liked it. The story is really a series of chase scenes, for there very few action orientated scenes which aren’t as a result of the hunter and hunted meeting.

Running with the Demon introduces Brooks’ world of the Word and the Void, opposing forces of chaos and order that set the stage for a well-developed unique moral relativity that serves as the bedrock of a unique narrative. Mi spiace dirlo, ma questo libro risulta persino peggiore del precedente. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Shannara is franchise fiction from Terry Brooks. That was one of the major reasons I enjoyed reading it, since it’s never a community I knew or experienced.

John Ross, a Knight of the Word, seems led by resignation rather than devotion. Now the newly anointed Knight of the Word must take up the battle against evil wherever it threatens: However, if you can go into this story without expecting the overall genesis of Shannara to be resolved then I think you can glean quite a bit of enjoyment out of this book.

Maybe I was a little hard on this book I’m so happy I picked this up.

Phryne Amarantyne – imprisoned by the stepmother, accused of her father’s death, no one to talk to her about what is going on, visited by her stepmother and the prime minister – who want her to say she did it, but that she was out of her mind – and when her stepmother Isoeld pulls the minister from killing Phryne, she tells them they need Phryne alive to locate the Elfstones Things start to move away from the world as we know it, and by the end of it, we’re starting to get back into truer fantasy territory.


In just twrry book Brooks established the Ragpicker as one of the most capable villains in the Shannara universe and it would have been nice to see how he would have developed over the course of an entire series rather than just the one book.

Would make a good movie. What’s the Name o It became the first work of fiction ever to appear on the New York Times trade paperback bestseller list, where it remained for over boroks months.

Il demone (romanzo) – Wikipedia

Appassionante e ben scritto, con un unico neo: As believable as it is imaginative, as wondrous as it is frightening, it is a rich, exquisitely-written tale to be savored long after the last page is turned. I like to keep my fantasy and religious concepts separate.

As ip the predictable nature of it all: I had forgotten that he creates worlds that hold such dark things; that he isn’t afraid to kill characters, traumatize characters, forge them into weapons in the hottest fires of testing. I would have enjoyed the novel more had a lot of the repetition been cut. As a hrooks runner, she routinely makes her run through the forest almost every night so she can keep her eyes on things.

Around the Year i I remember liking it a lot and being really annoyed that he didn’t have anymore books out.

Il ciclo del Demone – 2. Il cavaliere del verbo by Terry Brooks on Apple Books

I also really liked the discussions of ‘good and evil’. Derry and Junior, two of the men affected by the strike, are becoming especially upset about it, and swear they will “do something about it,” leaving the meeting in a huff.

View all 8 comments. Look at your people, Nest Freemark. That is, I’d enjoy the book and feel normal again, reading a book with enjoyable story and not something that some haughty author is trying to impress me with. Terry remains my fave fantasy author for consistently top notch writing – strong characters, solid story development and good flow that keeps the pages flying.

Well, things make a little more sense now, since discoverying this is the 2nd of 3 books. More importantly, it drew me back into Terry Brooks’ world after a few years and I can’t wait to dive into the next trilogy. A nice conclusion to this brief series.


In ogni caso molto ben definiti i personaggi, sia Nest Freemark che John Ross, come anche la nonna di Nest. Definitely a recommend from me for this extremely thought-provoking story. At stake is the soul of a fourteen-year-old girl mysteriously linked to both men. The ‘ragpicker’ is a malevolent and wise creation, sowing disharmony and terry relationships in a m Brooks was right in creating a duology to complete this phase of Shannara’s history, which keeps it tight and controlled.

What do a fourteen year old girl, a wanderer with a wicked limp, and a calculating demon have in common? Unfortunately The Measure of Magic was a massive let down, a boring and uninspired conclusion to a series that failed to cash in on the superb foundations that had been laid previously.

Fantasy series about a girl who lives with her grandparents because her mom ran off and her father turns out to be a fairy or demon thing? The setting is a big problem for me. Terry Brooks has a way of making me feel like that. From the onset, I knew who Nest’s father would be. All of the ‘final confrontations’ were incredibly boring, and lasted maybe a paragraph.

And Gran gave up all her magic to change Wraith.

The Measure of the Magic

Molti fan di Brooks sono di parere contrario, ma personalmente, per quel poco che ho letto di lui, mi sembra che l’ambientazione “realistica” giovi molto a questo autore. I am very much looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy!

Some great characters, ideas and scenes are there to be enjoyed along the way but for me it just wasn’t enough. And he centers his plot around the necessity of making a personal distinction between the two, for the conflict isn’t simply the outward one of year-old Nest, the latest of a long line of magically-talented female guardians of the forest, versus the forces of evil; it’s also within and for the soul of Nest herself, as the demon who sired her seeks to subvert her and her considerable potential power for the cause of evil, and John Ross’ charge is to prevent this –if necessary, by killing her.

Who they are now is what matters.