The IBM® BladeCenter® HS23 is positioned as a high-density, high-performance server based on the ServerBlade architecture for medium to. The IBM® BladeCenter® HS23 is a versatile blade server that offers outstanding . Emulex 10GbE VFA Advanced II for IBM BladeCenter HS The IBM BladeCenter HS23 Types and blade server is compatible with IBMBladeCenter units. This high density, high performance, single-wide.

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Bottom view of the BladeCenter HS23 shows light path diagnostics panel. Dimensions and weight approximate, for single-wide blade: External drive enclosures The HS23 does not support external drive enclosures. IBM is not responsible for replacement of hardware that has reached the maximum guaranteed number of write cycles.

Lenovo BladeCenter HS23 (E v2) Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

These services help you learn about, plan, install, manage, or optimize your IT infrastructure to be an on-demand business. Each expansion blade occupies a bay in the BladeCenter chassis. Key features The BladeCenter HS23 gives you the networking capacity that you need to manage your data center. Power supplies Blade server power is derived from the power supplies installed in the BladeCenter chassis. An IBM part or feature installed during the initial installation of an IBM machine is subject to a full warranty effective on the date of installation of the machine.

Lenovo warranty service upgrade offerings are country-specific. Introduction Did you know? Certification may be required by law prior to making any such connection. This limit may be revealed as the device failing to respond to system-generated commands or becoming incapable of being written to.


FastSetup simplifies, automates, and speeds up the deployment process from server power-up to production, making BladeCenter easier to manage, deploy, and maintain. Upgraded BladeCenter design with high-speed fabric options.

IBM BladeCenter

The expansion blade provides one full-height and full-length PCI Express x16 x8-wired Gen 2 slot and one full-height and half-length PCI Express x16 x8-wired Gen 2 slot bladecebter a maximum power usage of 75 watts for each slot. Up to two processors, 24 cores, and 48 threads maximize the concurrent execution of multi-threaded applications.

The IBM BladeCenter HS23 offers high performance balanced with flexible, scalable configuration options and simple management in an efficient server designed to run a broad range of bladecsnter exceptionally well. The optional processor must match the initial processor in each system. The IBM BladeCenter HS23 offers performance for value with energy efficiency and density in an all-purpose server that bladexenter designed to run a wide variety of workloads.

Review your unattended software installation program information for specific hardware configuration requirements.

The effective memory available to the system is only half of that installed. Some option-removal instructions are provided in case you have to remove one option to install another. Intel Xeon Processor E v2 10C 3. Also available are Lenovo Services warranty maintenance upgrades and post-warranty maintenance agreements, with a well-defined scope of services, including service hours, response time, term of service, and service agreement terms and conditions.

  ISO 16232-1 PDF

The standard memory configurations are flexible to allow clients to increase their memory capacity to a maximum of GB as their business needs grow.

Maximum resolution is x at 75 Hz with 16 M colors 32 bits per pixel. The power source independent light path diagnostics panel and individual light path LEDs quickly lead the technician to failed or failing components. Providing a single source for support of hardware and software issues, RTS can reduce problem resolution time, decreasing the cost to address technical problems and increasing uptime.

Los Alamos National Laboratory.

New models of IBM BladeCenter HS23 blade server feature enhanced memory options

Modules based on x86 processors from AMD. A green cell means that blsdecenter chassis can be filled with HS23 blade servers up to the maximum number of blade bays in the chassis for example, 14 blades in the BladeCenter H. Use this table to view specific information about the blade server, such as blade server hardware features and the dimensions of the blade server. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Air temperature Server on: Microprocessors Memory Storage drives.