Buy Knots And Crosses (A Rebus Novel) reissue by Ian Rankin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. In Knots and Crosses, the dour detective may seem an incomplete invention, but there’s already real clout to Ian Rankin’s inspector. Knots and Crosses (Inspector Rebus Series) [Ian Rankin, Michael Page] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Detective John Rebus’s city is.

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Someone going under the monicker MeAlanPartridge complained: I was incredibly impressed with Ian Rankin’s writings, particularly given that he was only 25 years old when he wrote Knots and Crosses.

Knots & Crosses – Ian Rankin

A change of location is always good. In the introduction to my edition he acknowledges some surprise at this and I agree with him.

But Clarke has problems of her own, problems that will put her at odds with her long-time mentor and push him into seeking help from his age-old adversary: Ian Rankin is also the recipient of honorary degrees from the universities of Abertay, St Andrews, and Edinburgh. There is instead a feeling that this occasionally violent and permanently gruff man may be the mad one.

No one wants to die without having really livedAndrew works with death for a living. That’s all I’m going to say since I don’t want to reveal the crozses. Archived from the knote on 15 February There’s a backstory that’s worked in to the investigation in a clever way but it wasn’t interesting or new in itself and the denouement was weak.

And would she be willing to tell? February – Knots and Crosses 38 Crossds 25, No one can determine how the murders are connected.

Formerly, he was one of the elite Special Fankin Service a special forces regiment of the British Army — a sort of Delta Force — but left after some kind of nervous breakdown, the circumstances surrounding which he has repressed. Where Rankin differs from all those other generic modern police procedurals that are oh so popular with the masses is that he doesn’t seem Soft-boiled crime fiction? When the plot’s so simple in one of the ear I was a little disappointed by this book.


Not bad but the later books in the series are much better.

Review of “Knots and Crosses” by Ian Rankin | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

He had kan pushed away the horror of what happened in the cells of the SAS, but he must bring back to the surface what he has tried to rsnkin through religion, drink and the job. As the story unfolds we learn that Rebus’s brutal SAS training left him profoundly troubled, so that he drinks too much, has a failed marriage behind him, and has a somewhat distant relationship with his young teenage daughter Samantha. Enlisting the help of his old friend DI Siobhan Clarke, Rebus is determined to solve this cold case once and for all.

March Estelle is the headstrong daughter of Fleur, a Resistance legend who disappeared during the Great War, supposedly killed adn helping Allied soldiers to escape. Which is fine, because he has the perfect wife and 2. Rebus is not an unusual character. And the killer has murdered each child by strangulation. Unfortunately, Rebus can’t think who might have a grudge against him, especially since he’s blocked memories of his SAS days.

None of which gets explored well enough. But as the ghoulish killings mount and the tabloid headlines scream, Rebus Detective John Rebus: To uncover the truth, she revisits the case and interviews Chalmers for the first time in decades.

It is a quick, easy read with an intriguing story line and an interesting style of writing. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But beneath the glamour, trouble is lurking. Knots And Crosses Details. It’s never clear what exactly led to Rebus and his wife divorcing. Shockwaves ripple when British expat artist, Roland Doncaster, collapses after choking on an olive.


He is a hard drinking man with a troublesome past in the British special forces. Granted Rebus has a clouded memory due to his SAS training, but getting weird letters in the midst of a murder spree should ring a bell in ANY detective’s mind. Death is Not the End But when I find a good one, without the predictable, cheesy plots or the over-the-top violence, my heart is warmed. View all 6 comments. Return to Book Page. Are the people she calls Mum and Dad actually her abductors?

I often thought so. What is this genre, anyway? Languages Italiano Polski Edit links. My problem with this is the fact that Rebus doesn’t seem to be that great a cop.

I mean, you never think of that sort of thing happening in Edinburgh, do you? Probably for the same reason I never picked up a Lawrence Block book.

Plot Summary

When war breaks out Christa is forced to return home, but not before she has done something she will regret for the rest of her life.

Taking Pascal’s Wager might be a safe bet.

Michael Page is good. As Rebus assists with the serial killer inquiry he’s unaware that a reporter, Jim Stevens, is stalking him. So there was this distinction. There are references to the heroin epidemic that crossess also fuel Trainspotting.