I Too Had a Dream has ratings and reviews. Komal said: Life’s Battles do not always go to the faster or stronger man, in the end the man who w. 45 quotes from I Too Had a Dream: ‘a person who does not have respect for time, and does not have a sense of timing, can achieve little.’. The book begins with the background of Dr Kurien. It also briefly tells how a sleepy and dusty little down transformed itself into the Milk Capital.

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The message from the book is best captured in a letter by Dr. His first wife is the dairy.

This book has bad number of lessons for anyone who wants to see and drive social movements. Kurien’s sense of humour was remarkable and I would literally laugh out loud reading many of the incidents in which his one liners had pinned his opponents in place.

I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien

You have been loggedin via facebook. Chess has taught me the skill of how to always remain a few moves ahead of my opponents.

I did it because I realized I had a job which gave me the greatest pleasure, the greatest satisfaction. The kind of motivation, confidence and learning this book has provided, I remember only one book that can be added in the same league- Hda.

But that does not in an Having lived in Gujarat for twelve years amid the wonders wrought by Dr. What is not fair is when we do not also build an approach road to ,urien across the nation.

When many would wonder how Kurien could achieve such great heights, the book slowly unravels how the glorious history began. It was not a mindless chase of making money but adhering to a vision and nobel intent. While the positive sid ‘I too had a dream’ by Dr. He also discusses at one point of time that he was a bit of autocratic too.


I Too Had a Dream

It means that we must act not only as advantaged individuals but as concerned members of our society. This memoir delves deep into issues of how bureaucracy could either make a country or break it; how vested interests of certain people could put a country on a downward spiral.

Ignoring me, he continued to read out some details about my family and childhood which turned out to be absolutely accurate. This book sort of felt like a time-traveling capsule taking you through incredible journey of how a has nation was so very well built on its own with the intellectuals and administrators taking the lead. This book classically narrates how narrow minded, scruplous bureaucrats and politicians in their verghrse for personal petty egos and inexhaustible greed attempt to ourien such ambitious nation building endevour to amass further their overfilled coffers.

When Minoo sold the dairy to the Marwari gentleman who bought it only for its real estate valuethe first thing the Marwari did was to order the bust of Pestonjee, which graced the entrance, to be removed and thrown out. Along the way, Kurien had to battle corrupt bureaucrats and ministers as well as seemingly well-meaning detractors on the Left as well as Right.

Refresh and try again. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul. This book was suggested to me by my friend Raveesh Sharma and I wish I had read it earlier.

May 03, Divya Sornaraja rated it really liked it. The chapter on how Dr Kurien makes the Food Aid program help indigenous growth rather than make India a trial market is especially interesting. But in later years, people skills were the need — skills that he seemed to lack.

Nov 25, Kevin rated it really liked it Shelves: If he says that he will do it, he will certainly do it. Verghese Kurien, the positive story of Kurien, who, like so many other Indian graduates, ends up in a job unrelated to his studies, takes up the challenges unsuspecting of the fact that he could become the father of the Indian white revolution.


It was serendipity that he landed at Anand, where the milk revolution was taking its early steps. Kuriem greatest repercussion of the government entering business is that instead of safeguarding people from vested interests, they themselves become the kuren interest. More than skill, resources and time, you also need people’s power to succeed in any project such as Operation Flood.

Time and again they have revealed to me that they exist for their own power and pelf; they do not exist for the good of the country. His passion towards work and making the farmers financially independent made him very passionate about milk revo Mr. By sticking to your values and goal for ultimate rural empowerment, AMUL which backpacked on able shoulders of Verghese Kurian helped achieve once insurmountable challenge of making India as one fo the largest milk producing countries across the globe.

Polson, another dairy product manufacturer, very meticulously to bring Amul to new height. Kurien was impressed by the integrity and commitment by Patel and his vision of transforming the lives of milk producers in Anand, Gujarat.

Once this is done, the manager must then groom the successor most appropriate for the institution. I told him that if he was serious he should bring his entire board to Anand to meet and talk with our board.