Hypertherm, HyPerformance, HyDefinition, LongLife and CommandTHC are trademarks of .. HPRXD Manual Gas – Revision 2. guarantees the Hypertherm quality you can count on. The HPRXD delivers superior bar ( psi) Manual gas console. 8 bar ( psi). ArcGlide, EDGE Pro, Hypertherm, HPR and Sensor THC are trademarks of Hypertherm, Inc. and may be When you see a safety symbol in this manual or on your machine HPRXD, HPRXD with a built-in.

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No se enrosque ni apoye los conductos de antorcha ni el cable de trabajo en el cuerpo. Guantes de seguridad, calzado de seguridad y casco. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Sounds like an electrical noise issue that may be caused by the high frequency starting. December 10, File number: Cutting under water with fuel es containing hydrogen can result in an explosive condition that can detonate during plasma cutting operations.

Preferred orientation is shown in the figure below. In other countries, select regulators that conform to national or local codes.

HyPerformance Plasma. HPR260XD Manual gas. Instruction manual Revision 2

Avant de commencer Configuration. Do not touch live parts. If you must work in or near a damp area, use extreme caution. Please keep these instructions for future reference. Lasers can be dangerous in the hands of untrained users. Each Hypertherm plasma system is designed to be used only with specific Kanual torches. Claims for defective or missing merchandise If any of the merchandise is defective or missing, contact your supplier.


Skin protection Wear protective clothing nypertherm protect against burns caused by ultraviolet light, sparks, and hot metal. Direct any technical questions to the nearest Hypertherm Technical Service Department listed in the front of this manual, or your authorized Hypertherm distributor.

Hypertherm HPRXD

Tighten all electrical connections to avoid excessive heating. Mantenga todos los equipos de comprimido y las piezas relacionadas en buen estado.

Los vapores de plasma pueden ser peligrosos. Length m 6 ft m 0 ft m 5 ft m 20 ft m 25 ft m 35 ft m 50 ft m 65 ft Blue Black – vent hose white Caution: Keep your machine in proper working condition. The workpiece and anything touching the workpiece are part of the electrical circuit. Do not remove, destroy, or cover this label.

Document Outline

Insert the connector into the torch receptacle and turn it by hand until it is tight. The length of the hlr260xd from the torch to the metering console are critical to cut quality and consumable life. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. Keep the protective cap in place over valve except when the cylinder is in use or connected for use.


The power supply must be wired into one of the branch-feed circuits. User shall ensure that other equipment being used in the environment is compatible. Take the following precautions when operating this system: Outputs are optically isolated, open collector, transistors.

Hypertherm does not, by the publication of any Hypertherm manual, intend to urge action that is not in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards, and this manual may never be construed as doing so. Slide the braided cover up hpr260dd the torch sleeve. Consulter le manuel avant de faire fonctionner.