The public transport in Hamburg has a tight net of train and bus lines which connect mostly every 10 minutes. The HVV website is available in English, too. In HVV’s website, they have these weekly tickets with different fare zones If we buy the weekly ticket for the Greater Hamburg Area (Ringe AB. The ProfiTicket is the so-called “job pass” offered by Hamburg’s public transport system, the HVV. With the ProfiTicket, you can use the HVV at.

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Explanation of the PUBLIC TRANSPORT in Hamburg

Get me a monthly HVV ticket, dinge. It is the second-oldest local train system in Germany. Eher aus der Not rineg entstand eine Linie E He is also entitled to ask you to leave the bus if you do not have a ticket. Choose what’s best for you and safe that URL on your phone. Also, what exactly is this nah. Within Hamburg There are three tariffs distinguished, however, there is, unfortunately, no information at the ticket machines, how to distinguish by yourself.

Harvestehude, Alsterchaussee — Bf.

Your SMS costs the normal tariff as of your provider. BrennstoffzellenbusBatteriebus mit Brennstoffzelle als Range Extenderparalleler diesel-elektrischer Hybridbusserieller diesel-elektrischer Hybridbus und Plug-in-Busse. Create an hcv or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. ProfiTicket for public transport ProfiTicket: Umorganisation des Busnetzes eingestellt oder verschwanden, weil sie von Rlnge ersetzt wurden.


For more information about the Sozialkarte, see www. Dazu werden Streckenteile der Metrobuslinien 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 20 und 25 umgebaut. I wouldn’t mind but it might be better to post it publically, so that everyone can pitch in or use the info provided in the replies for their own trip. From what I understood, cities that are within the fare zones can be reached with the weekly ticket and with the HVV network. Die Region wird mit Regionalverkehrslinien verschiedener Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen erschlossen.

ProfiTicket for public transport

Tonndorf — Berliner Platz — Jenfeld-Zentrum. What are the most popular tours in Germany? Is there a day ticket that allows us to go there and also pass by Uelzen? Available single tickets To buy the right ticket, you need to know where you would like to go to and from where. At night, you can even ask the bus ronge to stop anywhere on his way to shorten your walk. Downloads HVV ticket prices etc.


Nahverkehr in Hamburg

Nachtbuslinien bilden das Nachtnetz des HVV. Please let us know the exact ticket you want by first checking the available English information in order to benefit from the simple service.

Save page as favorite. The AKN is the most recent train line provider. How does that work? They are equally convenient, though. Die ersten Eilbuslinien wurden eingerichtet.

Rahlstedt — Schweriner Str. The U-Bahn as well as Hochbahn train lines are indicated with a “U” and a number.

Anything you need to know can be found at the sites of HVV directly which is in English language: U Niendorf Markt — Niendorfer Str.

Hence, if you step out at Eisenhahn Neben Schnellbahnen sollten aber auch Busse zum Einsatz kommen. Can I still apply for a ProfiTicket?

Posted 10 Apr Hamburg is a popular tourist spot, and thus the whole public transportation system is tuned to meet their demands – i. How to buy a single ticket Day vhv and single way tickets can be bought at each stop. For Hamburg – Bremen ; yes, that ticket seems great: