Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a An abridged version of Tazkirat al-Awliyā was translated into English by A.J. Arberry, entitled Muslim Saints and Mystics:Episodes from the Tadhkirat. Buy Hilyatul Awliya wa Tabaqatul Asfiya By Shaykh Abu Nuaym Ahmad ); Language: English; ASIN: BOQBR1E; Average Customer Review: Be the. Hilyatul Auliya Li Abi Nu’aim,. Ibn Asaker,. Ibn Abi Dunya,. Ibn Abi Hatim. More than 8 times in Kanz Ul Ummal on the authority of Ibn Mardwaiya (Kanz Ul.

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AhleSunnah Library

It also includes references from the Old Testament and the New Testament, and clarifies over one hundred and fifty subjects, some of which are in agreement with earlier scriptures, and others which are badly misunderstood by common people as well as by some clerics all over the world.

His wisdom and forbearance are forever his banners, and through him, God Almighty strengthened His message and supported His Messenger When Omar embraced Islam, its banners rose high, for he was the answer to the prayers of God’s ihessenger Since that day, God s message became populace, and its foundation took firm roots.

Bear up any accusations any one may cast upon you. They read the Qur’an regularly, take their daily guidance from it, and they happily make the necessary personal sacrifices to meet its requirements. When I opened the door, he entered our chamber and said: They are like a saddle that carries the rider, and they are the minarets of the land, the light in the darkness, the substance of mercy and compassion, the prime of wisdom, and the backbone of the believers.

In seeking His help, I have compiled this book which contains the names and sayings of a special group of people who are known for their faith and piety, who have attained a unique spiritual integrity that was recognized by their contemporaries, and who are revered to this day by every true seeker on the path of God Almighty, Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the universes, blessed be His Name.


They neither seek enlightenment through knowledge, nor do they take refuge in a safe recess during a storm.

Books by Ulema: Hilyatul Awliyah of Abu Nuaym translated by Muhammad Asghar Mughal

On this subject, and after the passing of ‘Uthman, God be pleased with him, al-Hassan bin ‘Ali, God be pleased with him and with his father, was once sitting in a group of believers, and they were reminiscing the virtues of ‘Uthman, God be pleased with him.

Surely his love for Almighty Allah and for His Messenger have raised him to what you see. Proof from the Holy Quran.

He swerved away from falsehood, and he was disinclined to mixing with its people. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, God engish pleased with him, was granted an unequivocal victory from the heavens.

The water came up to our alwiya knees.

He purifies their bodies with the constant alertness of observing and contemplating Him. He was blessed in martyrdom, and he endured great sufferings at the hands of his torturers who crucified him because of his love for hilyatup Beloved. Moreover, whenever Allah, blessed is His Name, mentioned the dwellers of englksh in the Qur’an, He described them by their evil deeds, and He refused to accept their good ones for they were not done for His sake, and hence, whenever I remembered such people, I always prayed not to be in their group.

Thus, when the men of Bani Huthayl went to seek his head, they could not near his body because of a swarm of wasps that had gathered around him. In fact, we always believed that it spoke with his tongue. The journey of this life bewildered them, and their grief was incessant, just like that of a bereaved mother whose child was slaughtered in her own lap, her The Beauty of The Righteous tears never cease to flow, and her aying for God’s mercy and compassion is constant.


They included sayings such as: Whenever Allah, blessed is His Name, mentioned the dwellers of paradise.

Awllya ye people, death is a persevering caller who is haunting you, and it is swift and unyielding. Hence, they become truly content, for they have bartered the comforts of what is ephemeral for that which is everlasting. They also fear the day when they will stand before their Lord, blessed is Egnlish name and holy are His attributes.

I do not cultivate the confused ones for My company, nor do I answer the inquisitions of the fraudulent ones.

He then charged against his enemy and fought until he was martyred along with all of his companions in that battle. They walk barefooted, humble, unpretentious, and unnoticed, just like ants, without finery; and they are free hilyztul self-adulation.

Only the third, and even that is too much. I protect My deputies in this world just like a shepherd drives his flock away from dangerous fields. I yearn to meet them, and I ask for God’s forgiveness for me and for you. Therefore, if you find the same, then it is surely better for you to endure a little discomfort in this life.

Thabit saw him tapping on his venter with his emglish finger, saying: What comes to them as lawful they renounce, and the success that may cross their path they turn down. Whosoever recognizes you as My servants, I shall reward him, and whosoever forsakes you, I will let him suffer confusion, regret, and loneliness.

I want thus to illuminate their stations, and cleanse their hearts.