Airport Directory – Plates – HECA – CAIRO INTL | RocketRoute HECA INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART-ICAO RNP RWY 05R · HECA INSTRUMENT . ILS RWY 05C CAT II ILS RWY 05C A. RNP RWY 05C VOR RWY 05C Runway 05L. ILS OR LOC RWY 05L RNP RWY 05L 7. Jan. Licensed to Cipher. Printed on 18 Jan Notice: After 28 Jan Z, this chart may no longer be valid. Disc J E P P E S E N.

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I do not know why, there should be a valid reason for sure, the computer needs to establish on the localizer first and may or may not follow the glide slope, but it has to be captured after the localizer for sure. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our hecs.

Here’s a quick summary: We are fully staffed for our event “Cairo Night Ops” as well as we have Gulf Control and our neighbors online! Hi Frank, Thank you for the answer. Why I am saying that will be shown below.

And also our very own Mohamed Elfeky is undergoing his C1 exam, so why not hop into your cockpits and join the action? This final ark is enough to miss either the localizer or the glide slope because both of them are coming at the same time.

SID / STAR Charts for Cairo, Egypt (HECA)

For the latest pilot briefings, aerodrome charts and sceneries, visit http: Would be curious to know your and some other opinions also. Hello Gentlemen, Thank you very chartss for the answers and the support. Both of these two points CAI05 and ITT55 are on one line and there might be time for accepting the localizer first and glide slope after that.


The major stipulation here is that all experiments were made in hheca weather conditions, just for a trial.

I’ll respectfully disagree that speed is not a problem with such an approach, as the faster you’re going the wider your turns are going to be and this can certainly heda the aircraft off enough to miss a successful localizer and glideslope intercept. Certainly true, but as Frank eluded to, most flight simmers would be surprised to know this type of thing happens with the real FMSs as well not just the ones in the Airbust but many different types and when it does occur the people use either the heading mode or hand fly the approach.

It doesn’t actually cross ITT55, but fly another right turn to heading deg, which is normal. Everything else is done with radar vectors.

Here the final approach and GP has to be started in order to reach the runway safely and as per the applicable procedure. Something else comes to my mind while writing this and I will definitely try it.

If this is your first visit, welcome! The why and the what can be done are easy. If someone has them or knows where I can obtain them, I would appreciate it if you can pass the information along. Alternatively we can continue going deeper into the technicalities of similar situations, which are existing.

Need help getting started? Here is how the navigation computer of the bus interprets all the above. I strongly feel that the speed is not the main issue in the situation. You’ll need to download the iapoth. My current Airbus version is 1. Light Up the Middle East. In which both Cairo and Hurghada will be fully staffed from 17z to 21z! So the good news is that the Prof version will fly it but the old v1.

Most important of those doubts was how the computer is actually interpreting the charts? So it’s time to prepare your charter routes and fly in Marsa Alam as well as we fully staff the airport and its It answered me some questions, which not being a professional in aviation, were concerning me for some time.


With this program you can also create your own plates for any airport and then it will place you in your favorite FS aircraft at whatever point and altitude you specify from chartw plate to try the approach out. Don’t miss next Hecx July the 28th. Let me start with the chart first: I am always using trying to be close to an old rule, which a friend of mine was teaching xharts students. Hope you can follow the logic of the middle digit. However I will try to explain in writing.

Cairo International Airport

It is easier to illustrate this with figures: Have to mention first that I am using AS A in all my flights, same for this one. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Thank you for the answer. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All this is very good to hcarts true, as every theory from similar sort.

ILS approach RWY 23R in HECA – Auto Flight, Manual Flight – AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

Honestly speaking I chrats expecting more people to be involved, however both of you are appreciated. So join us and fly to Cairo from any of the Egyptian Airports as well as any international airports in the area. Let us know how that works out.

If kts beca still too fast you could also try a slower speed to make the turn tighter. Results 1 to 5 of 5. All times are GMT There is always an option for manual landing or go around, but this is not what we are discussing here. You can fly the procedure in heading mode like Dave did.