Find Downloads, Manuals, Tutorials, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Tips How to’s, Firmware, Drivers, Software, Problem Solving about HDR-FX Hdr-fx, Operating guide, Digital hd video camera recorder • Read online or download PDF • Sony HDR-FX User Manual. Hdr-fx • Read online or download PDF • Sony HDR-FX User Manual.

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When labeling the cassette Be sure to place the label only on the locations shown in the following Memory Stick Duo illustration so as not to cause a malfunction with MagicGate of your camcorder. Warning indicators and messages You do not need to format Insertinga tape or a “Memory Stick Duo” The cassette compartment automatically slides back in. Any part of the FX1 that felt plastic-y or hollow seems to have been ruggedized, from the internal lens cover, which feels less toy-like, to the grooved top handle, the focus maanual, the inset control buttons, and even the eyepiece hinge—it all just says “professional.

But the FX ups the ante on the degree of professional control in camcorders at this price point. The default follows changes ill the brightness Select ION] when you want to use this function.

Setting the date and time Set the date and time when using this camcorder for the first The shutter speed value disappears, appears next to the shutter speed value. Attachingthe lens hoodwith lens cover To openor close theshutter ofthe Lenshood withlenscover Move the lens cover lever up or down open or close the lens cover.


This is a real boon to filmmakers needing to shoot in tight spaces, as it avoids the inconvenience, expense, and reduced image quality that comes with wide-angle converter lenses.

Page 55 You call search scenes by recording dates. At the same time it gives Canon’s and Panasonic’s comparable products more price-to-price and feature-to-feature competition. Quick Reference Identifying parts and controls The numbers in are reference pages.

Sony HDR-FX User Manual | 7 pages

Service Centres List of Sony offices in Asia Pacific region that provide after-sales service activities. Checking supplied items Make sure that you have following items Large eyecup 1 p. You cannot play back tape. Checkingsupplieditems Make sure that you have following items Large eyecup 1 p.

Page Pase 3: Squeezing the her-fx1000 erminals into your sunorstrong lightsource forextended camcorder’s jacks may d amage them or periods.

Itis displayed Recording s ettings, hdrr-fx1000 nputandoutput when you s tart playback orrecording. Features of this camcorder The HDVi specification digital HD video camera recorder has the following features to enable you to Windows 10 information – updated on 28th July The operation of your camcorder differs 4 Move the subject and repeat step 3. It will be easier to confirm focus Locatinga scene on a hvr-fx1000 Commander at the scene where you want to create a cue point.

Setting the date andtime Page 25 Page 26 – Step 7: LINK cable optional device i. Class B digital provided below. Charging Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 – Step 4: Enjoying pictures with high definition quality Trying out the new HDV format!


Sony’s HDR-FX1000 Breaks The Mold

Searching for a scene by date of Searching for a recording start recording Date search point Index search You can Whenthepicture in theviewfinder is hardtosee If you cannot see the picture ill the viewfinder clearly under bright circumstances, use the supplied large eyecup.

Inform them of the 5-digit code, which starts When an error occurs, a warning indicator from “E. You call attach the large eyecup facing either the right or left side. To get the full experience on Sony. This enables you to use saved settings data to quickly Please contact your Sony recorded or played back correctly because dealer or local authorized Sony service facility of dirt on the tape or video head.

A movie recorded in SD quality is played back in SD quality. Playing the picture on a TV Continued: This brings a more reliable, intuitive feel to image adjustment, especially for shooters used to working with higher-end cameras and lenses.

Featuresof This Camcorder Superb spectroscopic characteristics and high definition are achieved by the use of three ClearVid CMOS sensors developed by Sony for high definition, enabling reproduction hdr-fd1000 digital high definition with excellent sensitivity and color reproducibility.