An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications, intellectual property matters . HCF datasheet, HCF circuit, HCF data sheet: STMICROELECTRONICS – QUAD BILATERAL SWITCH FOR TRANSMISSION OR. HCF Datasheet, HCF PDF, HCF Data sheet, HCF manual, HCF pdf, HCF, datenblatt, Electronics HCF, alldatasheet, free.

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Been there, done that. I wish it wasn’t, but that’s not been my experience – even in slow routing logic switch circuits. May 28, This establishes sufficient power to the chip.

Each switch has a single input and a single output terminal. Media Subscription Media Contacts.

How to Build a Quad Bilateral Switch Circuit

The datasheet for the can be found at the following link: Ucf4066 availability reported, please contact our Sales office. Same pinouts, same description of what it does, etc.

According to the datasheets, they are supposed to be the same thing. May 26, I guess they can be finicky things, eh?

This enables the signal at the input to go to the output. Product is in volume production Evaluation: That would be the first type of IC chip that I have ever run across that was quirky like that.


CMOS devices are especially sensitive to static electricity. ST Code of Conduct Blog. It can be obtained cheaply at a number of online electronic retailers.

(PDF) HCF4066 Datasheet download

So current can flow in one direction and datashedt other direction, depending on which side is the input. My vote is for a bad solder joint, a solder datasheeg, or the PCB being damaged from the process of removing the old chip.

Thanks all, I will upload the picture soon. As long as it is a CD, it should work. If a signal is fed into the input while the pushbutton is unpressed, no signal will appear at the output. Limited Engineering samples available Preview: It doesn’t matter who made it, or if there is a different “code” on it. Product is under characterization.


That was not the case a decade ago, but they had other problems back then. They are not as rugged as something like an opamp. This means that either side of the switch can be used as the input. I also made an MXR Envelope Filter and found that it’s a significant problem with analog inputs on the control pins – older ‘s worked, only the new TI parts worked, although the new ICs all worked for other things.

HCF datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

No commitment taken to produce Proposal: With the control switch HIGH, then the switch closes and there can be dahasheet output.


The radiation hardness, single event latch-up SELsingle event upset SEU immunity, and the housing in hermetic packages of all types of both series make them usable in the most difficult environmental conditions.

Menu Products Explore our product portfolio. I hadn’t thought of that The is a pin chip. The Parker Guitars Forum. Engineering Model quality level. The control terminal enables the input to go to output. When unpressed, the pushbutton has the signal LOW by default. Each switch also has a dagasheet or enable terminal. If I use the mono jack all signal is Normal.

The switches are labeled from 1 to 4. To the control terminals of the 2 switches, we connect a pull-down resistor pushbutton circuit.

Distributor Name Region Stock Min. Originally posted by Paul Marossy Really? Rad-hard, high voltage, CMOS logic series.

Product is in design feasibility stage. In theory, it should be working fine. Maybe a picture will help.