The Maps of Antarctica. Excerpts from “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” Charles Hapgood performed a detailed analysis of this map. He worked with students. Charles Hapgood s classic book on ancient maps is back in print after 20 years. Hapgood produces concrete evidence of an advanced worldwide. MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS. by Charles Hapgood. Rare and ancient maps reveal a new history of mankind in Charles Hapgood’s classic – back in print.

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Selected pages Title Page. He used this to propose that a 15 degree pole shift occurred around 9, BCE approx. In this fascinating and provocative book Charles Hapgood uses ancient maps as evidence for the existence, many thousands of years ago, of an advanced worldwide civilisation.

Charles Hapgood – Wikipedia

Retrieved sra ” https: McIntosh [see my review], Hapgood makes a number of assumptions and, at times, disregards or distorts evidence in order to better make his case. Given that, it is a very intriguing book that reveals a number of startling theories regarding ancient maps that impossibly map out our world in such exacting detail of our planet that it forces you to ask a lot of questions about the TRUE history uapgood man.

Hapgood won’t tell us how quickly such an event could occur, nor will he claim that Atlantis was destroyed the last time it happened.

This may destroy civilization when it happens. To devote even one more paragraph elaborating on my profound dissatisfaction with my entire Hapgood Experience would devote more time than is worth wasting further. Whether this is because the theories are bad, or people are afraid to pursue them, I cannot say. Either would be a more pleasant experience than the read. McMahon rated it it was amazing.


Further they are all drawn from the same scale. Antarctica was mapped when its coasts were free of ice. It is amazing and very intriguing. Also, the hapbood of Antarctica, according to modern science, has been covered with ice for millions sic of years. Retrieved 5 November This man was an Admiral in the Turkish navy. Ancient history through maps. Hapgood also looks into a variety of additional scientific evidence and reaches a conclusion which was startling when he introduced the idea about 60 years ago: From fourteenth through the sixteenth century AD there is no material modifications ancienh these maps.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Charles Hapgood

Did they “know” when certain things would happen in the future? Charles Hutchins Hapgood May 17, — December 21, [1] was an American college professor and author who became one of the best known hspgood of the claim of a rapid and recent pole shift with catastrophic results. No trivia or quizzes yet. Who were these explorers of ancient times?

Jul 12, Mark Muckerman rated it did not like it Shelves: It changed my life. Hapgood gives a convincing explanation about their origin: The Mayans and Incas made maps of the territories they conquered.

Most of the book ths full of technobabble on the detailed science behind map making, which makes a majority of the book about as dry a read as the Sahara Desert. There is evidence that these people must have lived when the ice age had not yet ended in the Northern Hemisphere and when Alaska was still connected with Siberia by the Pleistocene, ice age land bridge.

Casual readers will definitely be turned off by this book- unless their choice of ‘casual’ reading involves history textbooks.

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This seea was last edited on 18 Decemberat He stuck his neck out about as far as a college professor could in the s without risking his job, but Atlantis and prophecy were not respectable topics. Gouge out your eyes or suffer a self-inflicted head injury if that’s what it takes.

It has happened repeatedly. Aug 31, Michelle Snyder rated it it was amazing.

Hapgood Charles Hutchins Maps Of The Ancient Sea Kings

Others mape the Sixteen Wind system etc. The Piri Reis Map of Still, what he really hagpood, and what this book shows, is that no one has ever taken this idea tbe and tried to advance it scientifically. Hapgood analyzes this map in great detail but the one fact that makes it most noteworthy is the detailed depiction of western Antarctica centuries before anyone in modern times knew the continent existed.

The map appears is composed of at least six separate source maps. And in due course came across this book. A survey of the Island of Atlantis. I read this book whilst reading Graham Hancock,s Fingerprints of the Gods.

Jesus teaching of the Surat soul Shabd word Yoga union to his inner circle of disciples. The main point of this book is that.

Charles Hapgood

Retrieved 3 November Yahweh or Jehovah a real person. This first image is simply the map as it was drawn by Oronteus Finaeus. Hapgood doesn’t go that far.