GUV-I 8527 PDF

GUV-I 8527 PDF

and set down in the guidelines GUV-I These describe the class that floor- covering materials to be applied in barefoot applications. (public swimming pools . Information. Thermal hazards from electric fault arc. Guide to the selection of personal protective equipment for electrical work. October BGI/GUV-I E. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I. Assessment group B. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I. Assessment group B. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I.

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Showers which are installed flush with the floor are one of the most important installations in barrier-free sanitary areas.

In general, natural stone tiles and panels are also suitable for barrier-free construction.

Certification mark for shower trays | TÜV SÜD GROUP

If physically disabled people live in a household, special cleaning agents or other substances are often used which may affect the appearance of sensitive floor coverings. Single lever shower control with handheld shower Can be reached from guv-k side in seated position at 85 cm height If several elements are installed an arrangement up to cm centre-to-centre is allowed The lever of the shower control should point downwards to prevent the risk of injuries.

This website uses cookies to allow you to use the website to the optimum. The DIN places different requirements on the floor coverings; it distinguishes between publically accessible and private areas:.

Hinged seat more. Should be possible to subsequently install a bath tub in the shower area. But wall coverings, too, should reflect light as little as possible. Hinged seat R more. These consist ugv-i a guv-k foam panel with integrated incline.

The floor coverings can generally be used in all rooms, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Waste bin can be used with one hand, tight-closing and self-closing. Hinged support rail Duo more.


Planning bases for publically accessible buildings The floor coverings must be anti-slip at least R9 acc.

Lieferprogramm Wohnkeramik

In the area gug-i showers, open-pore natural stone must be sealed to prevent the penetration of damp and the resulting stains. It is easy to realise a flooring design without thresholdsedges and recesses using these products.

At least cm high Must be able to see into it when seated and when standing Located above the washbasin. The challenge of creating shower base level with gv-i floor, featuring ceramic floor coverings.

System Solutions for Bathrooms and Sanitary Rooms

Requirements on floor coverings in barrier-free construction The DIN places different requirements on the floor coverings; it guuv-i between publically accessible and private areas: Transitions without thresholds through tile coverings and sufficiently large doors with a clear ghv-i width of at least 80 cm or better still 90 cm are to be recommended.

Rail with shower head holder more. If mirrors cannot be extended 857 to the upper edge of the washbasin, they should be tilted forward. Seat height 46 – 48 cm Hinged seat: Ceramic floor coverings are suitable vuv-i barrier-free construction for several reasons.

Seat height 46 – 48 cm Hinged support rail can be retrofitted on both sides of seat Top edge of hinged support rail 28 cm above seat height. Single lever mixer tap or non-contact Non-contact taps only in conjunction with temperature limitation, with water temperature at the outlet max. A flush-mounted or minimalist surface mounted trap should be installed so that a seated person does not injure themselves because of hot water accumulated in the trap or by accidentally knocking against it. A shallow washbasin can be used both from a standing as well as a seated position.



A further specification in the area of barrier-free floor coverings is their low reflection. The resulting shine effects can irritate, and become exacerbated through moisture or light. No compromises have to be made regarding aesthetics or style. This special form of shower is generally realised via prefabricated elements. In combination with a floor heating, a cosy living ambience and a pleasant room climate can guvv-i generated.

Der Hochwasser-Ratgeber im Web: However, please take particular care to ensure their anti-slip properties. Bottom Line mm — top edge mm located away from washbasin Bottom line mm located above washbasin. This can be achieved by planning the barrier-free installation from the gub-i, or through the high level of flexibility of guv-j floor plan.

Where a high or low level cistern is used, a shelf – mm deep, prefarbly mm wide should be provided preferably to the WC pan, top of surface mm. Frequently, even young families ensure that barrier-free living is considered in their new constructions and renovations. Top surface of WC seat mm, WC guv–i can accept a variable height toilet seat riser.

In order to improve orientation for those with visual impairments, the components must be executed in a contrasting design.

The floor coverings are classified into the appropriate assessment groups, whereby R9 has the lowest requirements and R13 the highest requirements on anti-slip properties.