This is one of the overlooked gems of GURPS, in my opinion: GURPS Banestorm : Abydos, by David Pulver. In the interest of full disclosure. Abydos: The merest whisper of the name sends shivers down the spines of the God-fearing people of Yrth. What lurks in the forbidden city of Abydos is so great . RPG Item: GURPS Banestorm: Abydos · Post Thread. Title, RSS, Threads, Posts, Last Post. Reviews. Post your game reviews in this forum. Click here for help on.

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In hurps, you get everything you need to use the place as scenery, an adventure, a prefab element of your game world, or even the backdrop for an entire campaign.

An Antique | Man to Man | BoardGameGeek

It explains why the mageborn population is higher than normal – they’re all being kidnapped and brought to the Island to be raised as proper little kids raised in the correct faith rather then the faith of the unbelievers in Megalos. It covers the Banestorm campaign setting.

Which is fine, of course. If you want fidelity to one, the other needs to change. This month’s issue looks at the power of the mind. The Edge of Reality author Matt Riggsby, it includes detailed information on this location’s landscape, flora, and fauna — including GURPS stats for a half-dozen threats for fantasy heroes to encounter. Plus it’s not just black-robed necromancers trailed by zombies rubbing shoulders with demons and whatnot – demons are evil, and demon-summoners are actively hunted down as sinners!

For example, “Skeletons cannot be turned while their Raven commanders are alive,” say, or “Undead are turned at 2 levels higher,” or just make it impossible.

The Dwarves moved underground and their surfaces dwelling cousins became Gnomes. This could be explained as being different aspects of fhe same god. Lots of the elements are really well done – an order of vampire monks explains their inability to tolerate holy symbols as suffering on the cross as Jesus had, and their fatal flaw against stakes as being vulnerable to a spear like that which pierced Jesus’s side.


Please consider your gaming group’s sensibilities before introducing this material into your campaign!

I enjoy cities like this that are functional and where the “evil” guys have more to do than just wipe out the forces of good. They fundraise with crime, which causes friction abyydos the northmen. Their current ruler is Gabrielle Boneshanks, who died and had herself raised as a zombie and then Soul Jarred the body.

Thanks for the comments and ideas, David.

GURPS Banestorm

In the interest of full gups, I am friends online with David Pulver, and I playtested this book twice once when it was abortively slated for a 3rd edition release, and then again for 4th edition. That one “factoid” alone got my creative juices running as I imagine a nasty sort of adventure worth pulling on a group of adventurers. They are the demons and devils who are cursed by the gods and thus the gods or holy items have power over them. True Faith would affect undead whose souls are not in their proper Good afterlife.

All times are GMT Privacy Policy Contact Us. Unknown; possibly million years ago, when Pangaea split differently.

The Ravens might have some sort of Zombie Master power where the Will of the zombies would equal the Will of the leader if they are within a close enough distance.

A Discord server focusing on Roleplaying, Sci-Fi, Transhumanism, and discussion of other assorted topics, from tech to boardgames, from politics to philosophy. Imagine all kinds of fun you can have as a GM.

It is also a ‘Sargasso’ parallel that will let Conveyors enter, but not exit and the escape by the first team of explorers was achieved by Yrthian Magic. This month’s manuscript looks at how the natural and supernatural collide.

It’s set up well enough to be played light or bleak. Anything else lies beyond Ytrarria and that area is specifically reserved for individual GMs to detail. This supplement-sized feature is sure to gurpw untold opportunities for practitioners of Ritual Path Magic!


Dungeons and zombies and troops — oh, my! The abgdos 4 races being DragonsElves, Dwarves and Orcs. Imagine the terror of a sailor working the rigging of a ship to find some skull spirit say “I’m for you James T. In a more dungeon fantasy game, think it would be quite possible to add several dungeon levels under the city of Abydos itself besides the silent maze. That’s adapting DF to Abydos, not the other way around. This month’s issue celebrates the first 10 years of abyydos Fourth Edition.

After all, they are fellow Christians, and believe just as strongly as you do in the same god. Imagine now trying to storm the island only abydox discover that there are undead with weapons to destroy the integrity of the hulls?

It was detailed in Fantasy 1st edition, expanded on in various adventure Supplements like Tredroy and Harkwoodthen recompiled in the book Fantasy 2nd edition.

Banestorm the current campaign name for the Yrth setting first presented in Man to Man as the world that Castle Defiant was located on. Unachimba May 10, at 9: William Knowles May 9, at 3: You can also check out the introduction and table of contents for any issue of Pyramidavailable via Warehouse 23!

Various sovereignties contend for power on a magical world populated by storms blowing across the dimensions. What I find puzzling however, is the number of mageborn that can be found within the city – far out of proportion to the normal numbers in other areas of Yrth.