The P represents the current state of practice in designing facilities to meet GSA’s commitments, maximize the efficiency of business processes, and comply . The PBS-P version is available at http:// and at 79 FR 79 FR – Announcement of the Publication of GSA PBS-P, Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service.

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Discount Programs Capstone Supporters. Tsa saving, learning, and networking today. Public Domain Retrieved O100 Strategies to meet the Guiding Principles are included in each appropriate chapter of the P Each project may implement any combination of performance levels, in order to prioritize performance opportunities that stem from climate, site, program, mandates, and other conditions.

It applies to design and construction of new federal facilities, major repairs and alterations of existing buildings, and lease construction facilities that GSA intends to own or has the option to own.

For the text of the Federal Register notice, click here. Sustainability addressed in the P This document contains both performance based standards and prescriptive requirements to be used in the programming, design, and documentation of GSA buildings.


Four levels of performance are defined throughout the P in matrices, in which ‘baseline’ performance plus all prescriptive requirements is the lowest permissible level, and it is generally commensurate with the standards of the P published in This edition of the P represents the document’s substantial transformation from a prescriptive standard to one that contains both performance-based and prescriptive requirements.

P users span the entire spectrum of building professional disciplines, and the P informs and regulates decisions made throughout a project’s life.

It is a mandatory standard for GSA facilities. It ranks among the largest holders of real estate in the United States.

GSA Updates P100: Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service

If you want to be successful, well then, you need AGC. General Services Administration Date: PBS provides workspace to 1.

Metrics will validate performance goals at various phases of design and construction through total building commissioning. Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service.

Green Globes is not addressed in the PBS: The three higher-performance levels are more rigorous and voluntary. A large portion of the new standard specifies levels of performance, which allows a design team and GSA’s other professional partners to identify and implement the best strategies to meet those goals. gwa


United States General Services Administration: More than 10, service providers and suppliers are also associated with AGC, all through a nationwide network of chapters. Every contractor needs those resources and those relationships.

PBS-P Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service | WBDG – Whole Building Design Guide

The people I’ve met through AGC have helped me both personally and professionally. See related AGC article. The update is available at http: For the latest guidance on implementing the Guiding Principles see www. Ready To Join Already a member?