User Manual. GXP Enterprise IP Phone. For Firmware Version Grandstream Networks, Inc. GXP is 4-line enterprise SIP telephone that is ideal for both the small business and the enterprise customer. The GXP offers dual 10M/Mbps. GXP Account Configuration Page. 5. Click on ‘Account 1’ from the available links at the top of the page. 6. Now configure the account for.

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Grandstream GXP VoIP Phone Setup Guide

You can pick the call up by pressing the function key like a Line button. The saving time may also be preceded by a negative – sign if subtraction is desired instead of addition. When you use PoE power you must take away 5V power adaptor. Helpdesk Submit and manage your tickets. Forums Get help from the community. Extension modules for other GXP phones will be available in How do I use the paging or intercom feature on xgp GXP?

How do I make a call using the IP Address only?

GXP Enterprise Phone | Grandstream Networks

For outgoing calls, press the button under the cradle i. Type in the default password admin and press Login.

What Codecs are supported by the GXP? Download the latest Grandstream GXP firmware here. This is not a mandatory step but we do recommend that you change the password.


Just off hook and press the gxl and right arrow key you should see that. The GXP supports a wide range of Codecs: There is no intuitive dialing yet but we hope to implement address book function in the new firmware release.

Now, on the Phone, if the LED next to the respective button lights up Red, it means the extension is Busy; if it flashes Red it indicates an incoming call on that extension. Upon rebooting, your phone should have connected to the VoIPtalk service. FAQ Find answers to all your questions.

Grandstream GXP 2000 VoIP Phone Setup

This website uses cookies in order to give you the very best experience. DO NOT include any leading zeros, so When booting the phone for the first time, please allow for minutes booting time as the phone might be automatically downloading and installing a new version of the firmware.

On the Client side, the following two fields Account Page need to be set to Yes. The PBX Server has to support this feature to make it work.

The 7 functional buttons on the xgp side of the phone are speed dial buttons. This value will change the default admin that was used to access the phone menu in step 2 above.

To test this dial You can repeat the instructions for setting up the other lines available in the GXP If you continue using the website without changing you cookie settings, you consent to the use of these cookies. If “weekday” is not zero and “day” is positive, then the daylight saving starts on the first “day”th iteration of the weekday 1st Sunday, 3rd Tuesday etc. If “weekday” is not zero and “day” is negative, then the daylight saving starts on the last gsp iteration of the weekday last Sunday, 3rd last Tuesday etc.


Can I display any custom text along with my extension number on the phone LCD? The injector voltage must above 48VDC.

Configure your SIP Registration grandstreaj as shown below: When Line1 to Line4 are busy with calls, next incoming call will light up on the first function key Grahdstream Dial In that case, the “day” value must not be negative. You should hear a confirmation message played back to you The instructions detailed above applied to setting up the Primary Account section of the GXP These accounts may be different extensions on the same Server or different Servers from different Service Providers.