Txtng. The Gr8 Db8. David Crystal. The world’s best known linguist takes a hard look at txtng; He comes up with some surprising and. Txting: the gr8 db8 by David Crystal. A linguist finds text messaging nothing to fear, discovers Tom Lamont. Tom Lamont. Sat 10 Oct Txtng has ratings and 52 reviews. Tim said: This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twitt.

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It’s texting that happens in inappropriate settings that really gets to me. Does texting spell the end of western civilization?

Preview — Txtng by David Crystal. A bite-sized reasonably entertaining read. Fr8 messaging, short mail, SMSing, person-to-person messaging, mobile messaging, wireless messaging, text messaging, texting, txtng. To tell you the truth, the only part of this book I found truly useful is an appendix listing a significant number of English gf8 abbreviations. Half the class didn’t ev Back in when internet chatrooms were fairly new, an asocial geek in my honors English class wrote a paper on the validity of an exciting new type of language that was cropping up in chatrooms where people were regularly using abbreviated phrases like LOL laugh out loudROFL rolling on floor laughingand TTFN ta ta for now.

Txting: the gr8 db8 by David Crystal

Excellent, witty and easy read – and a convincing argument. On the other hand, each language evidences distinctive mechanisms stemming from distinctive phenomena in that language.

I would recommend this book for teachers as well as parents. The fact that research shows that text talk actually follows sentence form and structure tells me that these kids are practicing writing skills more frequently than ever before. I’m glad I was, for his case is solid.

I enjoyed this book because it provided a perspective contrary to what seems faddish recently.

For one thing, a lot of these studies involved comparatively small groups. We seem to have a problem. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Turning the debate on its head, he argues that texting actually has a positive eb8 on language skills. In fact, he remarks that texting in the U. My primary reservation about this book is the edition, which, at least in the trade paperback edition I have, is shoddily designed and reproduced.


bd8 A pretty great summary and observational guide to The Texting Phenomenon. And for the most part, David Crystal does a wonderful job at that.

‘Gr8 Db8’ Defends The Linguistics Of Texting : NPR

Crystal makes some great points throughout the book and I have to agree with him. Here texting is a huge profit center for phone carriers, one reason I have never texted, although I respect those who do. The English language as we once knew it is out the window, and replacing it is this hip and cool slang-induced language, obsessed with taking the vowels out of words and spelling fonetikally.

Books Featured In This Story. An unexpected defense of texting from David Crystal, who has enjoyed with a long, fruitful and distinguished career in linguistics–his Ddb8 Words New York: Jul 25, Tr8 rated it really liked it. They passed a trillion million million in Less than a decade ago, hardly anyone had heard of it.

I agree with Professor David Crystal’s argument that there is nothing to fear from texting. Ebook This title is available as an ebook.

ByEurope, Oceania, and North America each had more than one mobile subscription for every two people, and by several countries such as Hong Kong, the UK, Sweden, and Italy had passed saturation point, with the number of subscriptions equalling or exceeding the total population due to many people taking out more than one subscription.

Gr if the data were rock solid and reflected the analysis of much larger study groups, I question some of the author’s conclusions, especially since he seemingly made g8r his mind early on that text messaging’s ggr8 outweigh its negatives. That’s not to say that Crystal overlooks abbreviations.

Book Review: Txtng, The Gr8 Db8

Good for its date of writing or so but dated now. This book is the first to take an in-depth look at the linguistics of texting. The basic argument is that texting is not ruining your children’s grammar The errors you see have always been present in roughly the same proportion I thought I was a little behind the times and should read this to catch up No need after all and to tell the truth I finished this extended essay skimmingly This is not to say the occasional idiot will not submit an application for a job position as one did g8 me entirely cb8 txt msgs Just that it’s not the epidemic we seem to make of it.


On Christmas Day alone inover million text messages went out. I do not think that speaking over the phone and face-to-face should be eliminated, but I find texting g8r using text talk to be a time saving communication tool.

dg8 This book cannot accurately tell one about the current state of texting – he talks about phones with the keypad, and does not discuss the effects of modern As ever, Crystal is interesting and insightful to read, and this book is fairly accessible, even to those outside the field.

This book really gives a great insight to the language used in text messages across the world and sums up how text speak is really just another form of abbreviation – something people have been using for years when it comes to other forms of writing and communication.

Feb 24, Deb rated it liked it. With the gd8 rise of social networking platforms that blur the distinction between text messages, online chat, and blogging, and with the move away from mobile phones with numeric keypads in favour of smartphones and tablets with touchscreens, the character text message may not be around in its current f Given that this book was first published inand has sat unread on my shelf since then, I expected that it would be outdated, and largely superseded by developments in technology.

Text messages and instant messenger programs have spawned a variety of abbreviations and shortcuts that are sneaking into everyday English. The idea of a point-to-point short message service or SMS began to be discussed as part of the development of the Global Eb8 for Mobile Communications or GSM network in the mids, but it wasn’t until the early 90s that phone companies started to develop the commercial possibilities.