Results Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books. Vastu Sastra Vastavalu By Gouru Tirapathi Reddy Rs Out Of Stock. Out Of Stock. (GOURU TIRUPATI REDDY) N The Secret World of Vaasthu Modem Vastu after keen observation and experimentaion has propounded laws that the house . The Sanskrit word vaastu means “any really existing or abiding substance, thing, object, article”, and also “goods, wealth, property”. vāstu takes the meaning of.

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Slanting roof towards east of northeastern blocks, would prove beneficial for the male members of the family, and if it is towards north, it proves beneficial for the female members of the family.

Apart from the above, literature relating to the schools of Vaasthu propounded by Maya and Viswakarma, the divine architects, had also been enunciated. The sites failing under northeastern block have a bearing on the male head of the household and on the male progeny.

Bedroom, office, machinery, godown, overhead tank, stairs, out-house, tall trees. If is said that basking in the morning sun after applying any vegetable oil to the body, helps in the formation of vitamin ‘D’ in the body, which has a curative effect redddy diabetes. Budda Vertgala Reddy there abides The only donor on the Earth. It deals with basic principles of the subjects Vaasthu, sculpture and painting.

That tour enlarged my knowledge and gave the exposure and experience to guide others in the field of Vaasthu. When a house is constructed in the site having roads in north and south, the gates must be put in the compound wall, in northern northeast, exalted north, southern south east and exalted south. It is laid down that tall trees should be planted in the west, to prevent the powerful rays of the sun during the afternoons, causing harm to the human tiupati and for helping the process of photosynthesis.

Had he been alive, it is said, for few years more, he would have proved that stones too ‘Response’. December, 4th Edition: If a house possesses a slanting projection in west, it should invariably possess a similar projection in east. This is an act of a coward – 3. One of the negative features of this building as per the science of Vaasthu, can be the extension in north, rreddy of the compound which is covered completely.


Increases fame and progeny.

Hence Vaasthu happens to be the basic element of civilization. What is the secret of colours of Ajanta scenes i. Sarada Reddy for her relentless efforts in effecting corrections in the final proof. To the house built in inter direction with Southwest more open than in northeast direction — Leads the host towards alroundperfection. At SapnaOnline we believe that customer satisfaction is utmost important hence all our efforts are genuinely put into servicing the customer’s in the best possible way.

It also casts evil effect on the female inhabitants. The Secret World of Vaasthu 39 houses, this too is laudable. Doors in east and north bring in pure air in the hcpise — Help the lineage proper and bloom like a summer rose. The origin of this epic can be dated back to 7 th century AD.

But construction of houses as per Vaasthu or altering the existing ones to suit the norms of Vaasthu, are much more easier methods to pave way for a happy living. Based on cause and effect. But in course of time, the importance of chantings was superseded by scientific temper and rational outlook.

Let us see whether Vaasthu, has got all the above mentioned characteristics, so as to be termed as a science. It is said of the modem science of Vaasthu that it is critical of the ancient version.

Two terminal parts of the western lateral side towards south make western southwest, two terminal parts of the western lateral side towards north make western northwest and the remaining five parts are to be construed as western portion. Envisages ill health and bad omens. The rays of the sun are composed of seven colours forming a spectrum viz. Kitchenboiler, stairs, latrine, bathroom, out house, trees.

Similarly sites belonging to northeastern block which possess roads in east and north, northwest block being your own and the road on north is less elevated than your landare also treated as first grade sites. From west to eastern northeast movement – Bestows mate progeny and intellectual development 83 The Secret World of Vaasihu lithe eastern road of a northeastern site is less elevated than the northern road, the main entrance of the house must face east.


The term Vaasthu is derived from the word Vasa, meaning habitat.

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The modem social reformers had sacrificed their lives for the cause of humanity; but never did they enflame the loath-some idea of cast and creed. More open yard in east than in west – Showers glory and fame to males behest. The Concept of Vaasthu for buildings can be best explained with the example of the Green lands building which is situated at Begumpet, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Useful to the society. But, since change is the law of nature, the concept of Vaasthu has also vasru gone a change over a period. Codified and governed by principles. The Science of Vaasthu attaches a lot of importance to the construction of factories.

The heavy rain poured upon with thunder without clouds and the Earth vaetu fast and faster, alongwith great oceans and heavy mountains, when Sishupala, the Chaidya, was slain and fell upon the ground. Yeilds general auspicious results, 4. Similarly, the sole aim of Vaasthu happens to be to make the lives of the individuals on earth, more and more comfortable, through habitability.

Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books

But, what avails with the stature and nature of the Vastu Purusha, who changes sides in every three months? They are among seven wonders of the world. Scientists have proved that the sun rays have many positive effects on human body.

One can also feel the depth in the words of Dharma Vyadha, in Mahabharata: But this is only a beginning when compared with the past and fouru unknown future.

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The northeastern part is very delicate and sensitive. According to Bhavishyottara Triupati, the epic depicting fqttare, every one must have an ideal house fit for residence. Further it also leaves a doubt that, if the cubit of any person is sufficient for the calculation of Aayam, the concept becomes arbitrary and might not yield expected results.

But, no article should be placed abutting eastern south east wall.