Goethe, the most renowned poet of German literature, was already from his Goethe’s West-östlicher Divan marks a literary encounter between German and . Karl Richter, “Ein West-Öst-Dialog der Goethezeit: Aspekte einer. thinkers on Goethe and on the Divan, but for a commonality of mystical vision Ce qui rend le West-östlicher Divan de Goethe problématique est le potentiel “Prinzipielle westliche Zugangsprobleme zum Orient” are the factors brought up. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Gesammelte Gedichte: Lieder – Balladen – Sonette – Epigramme – Elegien – Xenien Where is “Ost-westliche Divan” etc.

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Goethe, the most renowned poet of German literature, was already from his youth gooethe interested in the East and in Islam. But it was not until later, during his period of romanticism, that the poet devoted his attention to the literature and history of Persia. Goethe considered literature language and religion as the best aids to discovering other cultures.


Editions of East-West Divan by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In addition to Persian literature, he also learned the Arabic language and script and studied the teachings of Zoroaster as well as those of Islam. The translator was the Austrian Orientalist Joseph von Hammer-Purgstallwhose translations and commentaries played a major role in acquainting Germans with the East.

Between andthe year when the Divan appeared, several successive phases of development took place.

Since certain passages seemed to be incomprehensible to his readers, Goethe decided to supplement them with commentary Goethe,pp. Among the main activities of Orientalists was translating from Oriental languages; Goethe ends his Divan with a chapter reflecting on the problems of translation.

West-östlicher Divan

This edition includes forty-three new poems. The twelve books of the Divan Goethe had originally intended there to be thirteen; Schaeder, pp.

In his Noten und Abhandlungen Goethe paid tribute to several other Persian poets: In his Zwillingsbruder he had discovered a poet whose inspiration awakened in him a feeling of rejuvenation. His Divan is generally considered as an east-western work containing both foreign and native elements Richter, pp.


Os last great collection of poems by the classicist Goethe thus marks a major stage in the development of lyric poetry in general. Hendrik Birus, 2 vols.

GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG von – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Erich Trunz, Munich, John Whaley as Poems of the West and East: Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall, 2 vols. Hildesheim and New York, Ernst Gurmach, Berlin, David Lee, Goethe-Jahrbuch, pp.

Katharina Mommsen, Goethe goetne Diez: Quellen untersuchungen zu Gedichten der Divan-EpocheBerlin, Solbrig, Hammer-Purgstall und Goethe: Ursula Wertheim, Von Tasso bis Hafi;s: Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online. If you enter several tags, separate with commas.

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