Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. About. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. It was initially written for Delphi, now it is running in C++ Builder, Kylix, Delphi and Lazarus. Introduction. This is a very basic introduction on how to combine GLScene ([[1]]) and Newton Game Dynamics (NGD, [[2]]) when writing a.

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There are various 3D resources I found on the web: A few things before you ask in the newgroup: If it’s math related, you’ll find it here. Tutorials We have used the two tutprial introductory tutorial on delphigamedev.

The Newton-GLScene binding based on Tag and User Data previously described will be very usefull here, since you will be able to write UpdateGraphicObject callback in a generic way, retrieving the graphical object to be updated from the body passed to it.

Help – GLScene Basic tutorials

The camera will most likely not be pointing at the object, so either orient it with its “direction” property, or just pick your object in the camera’s TargetObject. This page regroups the most frequently asked questions and their answers. A “checkout” is when you first download all the folders and files from a directory off the server onto your local machine.

The only think left to do is change your Delphi environment options to point to the new directories: Doing this, the reference count will be equal to the number of bodies using it, and everybody will be happy: Such connections are usefull when needing to access GLScene objects from Newton’s callbacks for instance. In this function we can apply forces and moment on the body. For instance, this will happen if you use Jpeg textures, and did not add “Jpeg” to any of your uses clause: Make sure you defined the bitmap’s size as well as pixel depth f.


Delphi 3Dnot exactly primers, but Tom Nuydens maintains a collection of articles on 3D rendering techniques that may help you understand how things work. How can I have a cube with N different textures?

It covers several versions up to 1. Contribute Templates Work In Progress.

GLScene – Frequently Asked Questions

GLScene objects can be arranged as sub-objects of other GLScene objects and can be set to have relative position to their parent. Textures look washed away, lost colors It can also be used to decompose rotations axis by axis and allow “reversable” relative rotations f. I’m a complete newbie so don’t believe anything I say If the texture map is not loaded or enabled, the color of the object will not change at all.

If the coordinates are not right, but the texture is loaded, the object will most likely be given a uniform color.

To control the body, we need to be able to apply forces on it. Wolfram Research stores a fair set of material, but be warned this is mathematical stuff, not code.

Tutorial – GLScene and Newton in Delphi (without oxNewton)

Retrieved from ” http: GameDev Developer resources similar to Gamasutra, but seems less thorough and definetely less structured. Then you can do the same thing for any other folders you want Delphi5, demos etc.

It links to the SourceForge wiki page Rotate Objects for the next page of the tutorial. Quite a complete site. Some are in missing from the palette If none of these suits you, check the sites in the “Links” section, they glscsne their own list of interesting links and you may well find the hidden gem here. FlipCode has a nice series of article introducing 3D math, and other categories that deal with more complex aspects.


When you hit OK it will pull all gpscene files and subfolders in the Source “module” on the server to a new folder called Source on your computer.

Since the reference count is turorial to 1 when you create the collision object, and then incremented each time you connect this collision to a body, it is required to decrement the count by releasing the collision object when you don’t need to manipulate it in the code any more.

When you download code, it will be from one of these directories f.

Moderation Process Reminder

This way, the same callback can be used for any object sharing the same physical behaviour. In the Glsvene component add a cube, a plane floora lightsource and a camera.

Do not expect primers here though, but rather “advanced” documentation. We now have to place the newton body at the correct position and orientation in our world. Start a new project. Assuming the Centre of Gravity is located at the Centre of the body we can use:.

It should also be useful for Lazarus. Damping is a force acting in a direction opposite to the velocity.