Now that the Axis Institute for World Domination has been blown up; the founder, Dr. Phineas Darkkon, has died; and Prosper English (who enrolled Cadel in the. Readers who loved Evil Genius will find this sequel as gripping, devilish and wonderfully dark as its predecessor. What made that first book so. Will Genius Squad be the answer to all Cadel’s prayers? Catherine Jinks was born in Brisbane in and grew up in Sydney and Papua New Guinea.

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But Cadel is naturally suspicious and paranoid. For anyone interested in reading these books I have two recommendations: He would also like to be certain Prosper is his father.

I thought it would be a sure thing the second book would compare, but unfortunately no. The book had a good ending, but it left you in the dark about some things.

From what I hear, I haven’t even hit the worst of it yet.


I love how Gazo matures into a great guy. I can only hope he maintains his good characterization; villains tend to fall flat during the final encounter in most books I’ve read; the more sadistic they are, the worse they turn out in the end. Dieses Mal ist die Farbkombination schwarz und neon—orange. Catherine has been writing books since she was eight years old.

How exhausted she is! Point of view Tips on technique 4: This book has even more action and quick thinking than the first! But once he has Fiona and Saul, who really care about him, he has adults in his life that he doesn’t sqaud to disappoint. I wanted to know more.


Genius Squad

Seeing Gazo catherien Alias again was fun and Com Dot’s sister was a good addition to the cast. The focal point seems more on Cadel’s clumsy attempts at relationships than anything “genius” like.

Not enough description of gadgets and the kind of intelligence and ingenuity that would make me respect the group. This book deserves a wider audience than this cover will attract. No, he isn’t working for the police. Or in this case, a group of kids. Children and Young Adult Literature portal. The writing style was easy to follow. The story wrapped up pretty cleanly with Cadel moving in with Saul and Fiona and usually I have a problem with that kind of sickly sweet Kodak moment, but in this case I thought it was completely appropriate.

At the beginning, he’s living a mostly restricted life. Phineas Darkkon, has died; and Prosper English who enrolled Cadel in the first place is in genuis for myriad offenses, Cadel Piggott has round-the-clock surveillance so he’ll be safe until he testifies against Prosper English. I liked how he became so attached to Cadel and always felt frustrated at Fiona for doubting his motivations but then secretly admitting to Cadel that he appreciated how she was so dedicated to ensuring Cadel’s well being.

Genius Squad (Genius, #2) by Catherine Jinks

I’m not much of a technological geek, but I grasped most of it. He doesn’t know who his father is. Cadel is taken iinks the house of Judith, one of the other members of Genius squad.

It doesn’t wreck the book by any means, but it deflates the creative oomph of the concept a little bit.

The reason it’s four stars instead of five is because the turn towards a scarier apprehensive and startling type scary story caught me off guard. The meat of the story, though, revolves around the Genius Squad. Genius Squad Catherine Jinks. Nowhere near as good as the first one. That doesn’t mean he’s above doing wrong, it just means that he thinks first.


But he also did a fair bit of whining and crying when I could have sworn he was more mature than that for his age. His personality gains nuance and likeability.

It humanizes Cadel in a way that I absolutely adore. I rate this book Highly Recommended. Now, Cadel remains trapped in limbo–no one knows for certain who genuis parents were, which means he’s not really a citizen of anywhere, so he’s stuck in foster care while things are being sorted out.

While I’m not one for endless gwnius, having a book about a “genius squad” that never lives up to the name is disappointing. It’s like going from reading a Mark Twain book easy read to Leo Tolstoy not as easy. She merely serves as a guilt-fount for our narrator and contributes none of her previous insights to the problems he faces except for occasional moralistic one-liners. Jun 07, Colin rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The restrictions that governed her life were crueller than anything he’d ever catherihe to endure.

More books by this author More books in this series. Catyerineshe and her family have been living in Leura, NSW. Even better–Cadel’s friend Sonja, who has cerebral palsy, could come, too. Jan 24, Jackson rated it really liked it.