Furuno USA Inc Automatic Identification Systems . Installation Manual CLASS A AIS Model FA PRODUCT NAME: U-AIS TRANSPONDER SAFETY .. For FA to FA retrofits, use the optional replacement kit (OP). .. File Type: PDF File Type Extension: pdf MIME Type: application/pdf PDF Version: FA OPERATORS MANUAL details for FCC ID ADB9ZWFA made by Furuno USA Inc. Document Includes User Manual OPERATORS MANUAL. FURUNO will assume no responsibility for the damage caused by improper use or The FURUNO AIS (Automatic Identification System) model FA or FA- Note: The file name is composed of a single alphabet, the file type, and.

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Change MMSI on a Furuno FA AIS? – Cruisers & Sailing Forums

The performance monitor is incorporated in the antenna unit. Selectnumeral and push it to set. Waypoints may be entered with the cursor, bymanual input of latitude and longitude and at current position. Do not open the equipment. The display then looks something like the one below.

The distance between the rings isthe range ring interval, and the current interval appears at the upper-left positionon the screen.

A mini keyboardappears at the bottom of the menu. An alert “S” flickers during the test. Extend trails for 24 hours. Call us today to see how AM Wholsale can redefine your boating experience! Instead of changing radarsettings case by case, it is possible to assign the function keys to provideoptimum settings for often encountered situations.


When both sea clutter and rain clutter are reduced, the sensitivity isdecreased more than when only one is adjusted. Referto the description below and the illustration on the next page. Message sentence number, 1 to Relative trails show relative movementsbetween targets and own ship. So I kept the old one as a standby radio and bought a new radio.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Use the trackball to select the MENU box at the right side of the screen. This chapter contains maintenance and troubleshootinginstructions to be followed to obtain optimum performance and the longestpossible life of the equipment. Push the right button three times to close the filerype. To enter waypoint name, follow the procedure below.

Push the left button again. This isuseful for analyzing past data. This may eliminate the detection ofsome targets. Ifletype that a waypointcannot be erased if it is part of a nav line. They are, however, recognized ifyou understand the reason why they are displayed.

If you cannot turn on the power,first check the fuse. Use TT symbols and data Page 4.


Erasing individual nav lines1. Main menu operation by keyboard1. Typical false echoes areshown below. Note that a display mode cannot be selectedwhen the menu is open. Press the [ENT] key.

Furuno FAR(-BB) : Marine RADAR User Manual

Whether it is for a swift sports cruiser or a luxury super yacht, we are committed to the quality of your boating life and finding the marine electronics package that is right for you. Enterthe dimensions of your net in the menu to show the net in scale on the display. Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Sailing Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today.

Hex sentence number, 1 to FF3. Do one of the following to select a vector time.

This unit can store waypoints, numbered to Some units do have to go back but not the one he has. Note that true motion is not available onthe 72 nm non-IMO type only or 96 nm range scale. Note that this also selects the vector mode for the past positiondisplay.