FORMULIR 1770 S 2014 PDF

FORMULIR 1770 S 2014 PDF

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE COMPLETION PDF FORM S 1. This form is in compliance with the Director General of Taxes Decree No. This form is used for completion income tax annual tax return for Taxable Year and onwards; 2. This form is printed with a scale of 98% (not printed in. Wajib Pajak Orang Pribadi harus mengambil sendiri Formulir SPT Tahunan PPh Orang Pribadi SS dan menyampaikan ke Kantor Pajak.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. This form is used for completion income tax annual tax return for Taxable Year and onwards; 2.

This printing results must be signed and must not be folded or crumpled. Use HVS paper size: Minimum weight 70 gr; 3. To be able to use this form optimally, use the application Adobe Reader version 8 or newer; 4. Complete the Taxable Year, the identity of the Taxpayer and the other mandatory information properly. Taxpayers can formylir the tax office where the Taxpayer is registered to ensure their Taxpayer Indentity Number TIN or through applications on the site www.


Description of status of married individual are as follows: Tax rights and obligations undertaken by the head of the family; b.

Formulir – Direktorat Jenderal Pajak

Spouse have lived separated based on a court decision; c. It is requested 170 writing by both the husband and wife on the basis of an agreement for the separation of property and income; and d. It is requested by the wife who chooses to meet her tax right and obligation separately.

Complete the attachments form first. Summation formulas, reduction, connection with certain parts and others have been available in this form, so that Taxpayers do not need to do a recount; 6.

There are times when automatic calculation is too late to execute, to make sure it runs well, point the cursor pointer to the field where the calculation formula should be run, block the numbers 22014, then press DELETE key followed by ENTER.

If additional form of I page 2, II and IV are needed because the information to be loaded is more than one page, that forms now are available in the directory folder. These files can be reproduced to adjust the needs in a way to copy and replace file name renamefor example: The SHOW button used to show calculation formulas in completing digital tax return; After completing the tax return and print it, do not forget to save it to another file Save-as and name different from the original filethen use the RESET button to clear the file; The HIDE button used to hide the calculation formula so that it can be printed blank form if you want to complete it manually; Detailed description of the completing income tax annual tax return please read the Instruction Book.


Data changes application submitted apart from this Tax Return, by using the Taxpayer Data Change Form and attached with the required documents. Attachments letter i] C.


Overpaid amount stated in TOTAL 2a to 2k 2l 0 3. Lampiran huruf i] C.

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