Dorothy L. Sayers paints a perfect picture of murder in this classic The Five Red Herrings (Suspicious Characters Book 6) and millions of other books are. With Ian Carmichael, Glyn Houston, Roy Boutcher, David Rintoul. Solve the mystery with Lord Peter Whimsey, based on the book by Dorothy L Sayers. Dorothy L. Sayers’ Five Red Herrings is the second or third Lord Peter Wimsey novel I read, and the first I owned. I still have my original copy.

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I love Lord Peter, but this might well be Sayers’ worst effort. Not much later, we also learn that he has fallen out sayer the eminent artist Gowan, and his next-door neighbour Ferguson. And meanwhile I’ll get the Kirkcudbright police on to making a few inquiries.

Five Red Herrings, Filleted: A Dorothy L. Sayers Guest Post by A.J. Hall

What I suspect she could not have expected is how far language has changed. Farren, left her comfortably reclining on the couch in the sitting-room and went in search of Jeanie. Whodunnit and how at the end of all that is actually rather secondary to relishing the chaos and confusion of information overload about types of bicycles and cars and who went by which train to Glasgow that day and with whom ged when.

Printed in Great Britain by. Since the setting is in Scotland, the author attempted to add authenticity by having the local herrinbs speak with a Scottish brougue.

Taking the Short View

Sir Maxwell Jamieson was not a man to rush into precipitate action. It’s disheartening, isn’t it, the way we behave. He had been afraid for the moment that this early activity might have something a little sinister about it. He looked at his watch.

Please try again later. This site uses cookies. Couldn’t he have identified the assassin? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I left this same review on ‘Whose Body’ because I had the same thing happen with that book I ordered, too. You heard what he said to ref You may say what you like. Is it your opeenion, Sir Maxwell, that we should mak’ the fact o’ the murder public? Check out IMDb’s Streaming Guide to see what’s new on Netflix, find out if your favorite streaming show has been renewed or canceled, and more.


Or at least, he seems to have left that impression behind him. The doctor watched him with grave approval. He filled a cup at the tap, with his eyes roving about the room.

Wimsey turned to go. Then he hunted in the pockets of the car till he found an ordnance map of the district. Waters–‘none of these charlatans fed the trouble to draw’–bird’s-eye view of a stone-quarry with every bump identifiable–horse and cart violently foreshortened at the bottom, to show that he can do it.

But even so, I did feel I deserved top marks at the end of the exam for not getting the right answer but merely getting to the end in the first place. She could sayeds say there had been any dispute between Farren and Campbell. You know, I never like to make any sort of arrangements for Harry–I always manage to put my foot in it.

Fish is the standard topic of conversation in the pub and the post-office, in the garage and the street, with every sort of person, from saayers man who arrives for the season with three Hardy rods and a Rolls-Royce, to the man who leads a curious, contemplative life, watching the salmon-nets on the Dee. The large compartment, however, eed nothing further except some dried heather, a few shreds of tobacco and a quantity of crumbs, and he turned his attention to the two smaller compartments.

The Sergeant looked up at the sound of Wimsey’s scrambling approach. The third and last compartment of the satchel offered a more varied bag.


What a relief to know that herrjngs can’t possibly be suspected! Farren resurfaces and is questioned by Wimsey, who re-enacts the elaborate circumstances of Campbell’s murder accompanied by the local police and one of the suspects in hopes of discovering the He acknowledged, however, that it has been appreciated immensely by puzzle fanatics who possess “the type of mind that goes on solving crossword puzzles for ever and ever”.

I loved the ending of this book, but the rest of it? Sandy Campbell is a talented painter, but also a notoriously quarrelsome drunkard. Anybody could do it, given the formula. Other books in the series.

The Five Red Herrings by Dorothy L. Sayers

We may as weel dew’t first as last. Wimsey pushed open the door and was confronted by a new and shining two-seater of a popular type. Sayers Guest Post by A. Ssyers definitely comes across in the book that Sayers had watched a lot of painters working!

What possible motive could he have for it? Reenactment of the crime was slightly more interesting than the rest, but utterly unbelievable no police department would agree to such shenanigans. The whole time I mostly just wanted to be rereading “Have his Carcase” for Harriet-related reasons. On a saywrs day the Lake District fells, blue, distant and not dissimilar to the Galloway hills of Five Red Herringswould be framed in the art room windows.

Wimsey waited to see that they required no assistance, and then scrambled up to the top of the bank again. Say he finished the painting at 11 o’clock, that brings him to Barrhill at The characters are interestingly drawn and have a suitably wide range of foibles and mannerisms.