Find great deals for Samsung Digtal Doorlock Ezon Shs Upgrade Model of Shs Shop with confidence on eBay!. Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items、【Free Shipping】SAMSUNG EZON Digital Door Lock SHS(SHS) LUCE +4T Smart tagsKey +.

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Hi, Have you tried to integrate it with another system, like a video intercom?

Danayaal July 26, at 6: BenziT January 13, at 9: Who knows might get the fingerprint one, I’ll treat myself for Xmas. Kastam at pos klia there? TeamX December 5, at 1: Any way hope to hear comment from you too. Since that day, the lock aways appear in my dream, and finally i start to make my research, and below is the result i get cannot be open by any technique only password, tumprint or access cardeven you have a door dzon. All there products come with english user manuals, unlike the ones that get purchased from abroad, and I think there prices are better too.

This is the only thing which stops me from buying such lock because anyone with portable high temperature fan is able to unlock it. Thanks for showing us this guide. Btw thanks for the info.

Samsung Digtal Doorlock Ezon Shs-1321 Upgrade Model of Shs-1320

They also supply Suprema Access Control systems which are the best in the market when it comes to Biometric Keyless Entry. Hi, I’ve recently installed a SHS model and it works perfectly except that the batteries does not last more than 5 days.


Thank you very much. It’s mandaroty installing the backing plate?

May I have the seller contact detail? About Me woodChild View my complete profile. Anonymous July 11, at 9: I know that some Korean digital locks self-unlock itself if temperature gets more than 60 C.

Worst is the package being opened and not sure can operate correctly or not.

Carlos, the backing plate is really thick and as long as you mount the bracket the bolt goes into securely enough it will be just the same security as a standard door lock.

Jay Watkins April 13, at 6: Action is the most important right now. Have you tried it? Keep up the good work! Do you think this lock could handle a main exist door or would a burglar just crack it is a couple of minutes if he would bang really hard on the door?

Quite hard to believe as the manual mentioned battery life is about 10 months with an average of 10 uses per day. I had mine delivered in about 10 days. Hi, I am going to buy this model too. We offer the complete range of Digital door locks to our esteemed clients with several features. I am looking for lock that uses such key as I think it would be cheaper ezoj to digital lock. Does anyone experience such problem or I’m just the unlucky one with a bad unit?

Priscilla June 19, at 1: At one of the sunny morning, i got a parcel.

What ever!!!!: Digital Door lock- Samsung Ezon SHS

Hi my friend has one and he said it’s the best thing he ever bought, it was the Samsung Ezon SHS – fingerprint version very cool and convenient.


The price is high, that is why it stop my move. I’m thinking of getting one for myself buy probably just the code one as it’s a bit cheaper, although I do like the idea of the fingerprint. Hope this helps if anyone is thinking of 13220 there security. Since you have research the market, is this the cheapest one?

I bought one and i saw it came with a cable that can be plugged in to a port on the board, and i sent a 5v pulse on that cable and it opened the bolt.

Greeting, Thank for info, we got ours here in Australia as well for a good price from www.

Is it easy to install yourself especially for non-mechanical person and does it work on all door width? How much you paying for it?? I too saw it in Homedec fair but it is he other model that catch my eye. Cezar Wagenheimer January 16, at 7: We are the leading supplier of wide range of digital door locks that are used for locking the door without using any key hese are used to lock the door with szon systems.

Michael October 18, at Does it operate by battery and how long will battery last?

End up i need to pay for the duty fee, import tax, my own transport drive down to KLIA and spend whole noon time to queue it. Lucas January 14, at