Ewa Siemaszko – a researcher of the Volhynia massacre, author of books including Ludobójstwo dokonane przez nacjonalistów ukraińskich na ludności. Ludobojstwo dokonane przez nacjonalistow ukrainskich na ludnosci polskiej Wolynia Tom 1 Jan by Wladyslaw Siemaszko and Ewa Siemaszko. imported from Wikimedia project · Polish Wikipedia · educated at · Warsaw University of Life Sciences. 0 references. Commons category. Ewa Siemaszko.

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Ewa Siemaszko is a Polish writer, publicist and lecturer; collector of oral eaa and historical data regarding the Massacres of Poles in Volhynia. Poles were unprepared for such a violent course of events, and their helplessness was shown in the film. However, it is impossible to deny thousands of accounts of survivors that show the same method used by the Ukrainian nationalists, the same ways of killing Poles just because they were Poles.

Google Books preview of Tsaruk publication; pp. An engineer by profession with Master’s in technological simeaszko from the Warsaw University of Life SciencesSiemaszko worked in public health education and also as a school teacher following graduation.

Ewa Siemaszko – About the Film “Wołyń” – Articles – Volhynia Massacre

The victims were burned alive and thrown into wells. Show search Font size normal medium large. For the Jewish community, the German occupation of the Eastern Borderlands resulted in persecution that concluded in mass executions that were siemaszk out in Volhynia in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This page was last edited on 24 Mayat The organisation represented the portion of Ukrainian residents of the Second Polish Republic that had not come to terms with the absence of a Ukrainian state.

Most of the elements that were characteristic of the situation of the Polish and Jewish population under the German occupation has been shown in the film.

Estimated victims above numbers already established [8]. This stage of depolonisation of the wwa parts of the pre-war Poland which Smarzowski showed in a few scenes ended with the German invasion of the Soviet Union in late June Her fear was reasonable because it is hard for the citizens siemaszkp now live in peace in their own state to imagine their fellow inhabitants, who had proper neighbourly relations with them, committing such atrocities.

People were chopped with axes, stabbed with pitchforks, scythes, and their throats were slit with bayonets.

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The oppression under the Soviet occupation meant also economically ruining the population, combating religion, destroying social ties by using low motives. The people who were terrified by the cruelty prayed for being shot.


The Soviet terror was aimed against all inhabitants, but primarily against Poles, who were arrested, sentenced to imprisonment, deported deep into the Soviet territory, and transported to forced labour camp. This page was last edited on 8 Augustat Warsaw, Wydawnictwo von borowiecky Publishing, Their books were based on witness accounts, court documents including transcripts from trials of Ukrainian war criminals, as well as the Polish national archives and statistical censuses.

Ewa Siemaszko, “Bilans zbrodni. Public lecture, 26 October The privileged positions of Ukrainians in relation to Poles, which were ensured by the Germans, the German involvement in the war against the Soviet Russia on the Eastern Frond and its consequence in the form of low military presence in the occupied region, made it possible to gradually prepare for the extermination of the Polish element. These attacks included robberies, murders of civil servants and wartime refugees, attacks on the soldiers of the Polish Army, disarming of the soldiers, seizures of their uniforms, and cruel murders.

Massacres of Poles in Volhynia Polish engineers Living people. Webarchive template wayback links Articles with Polish-language external links CS1 maint: As an effect of the earlier propaganda, it was a prelude to the later broad-ranging crackdown on Poles.

Siemiaszko managed to survive the massacres of Polish political prisoners carried out by the retreating Soviet military units and the NKVD.

Author of numerous publications focusing on the massacres of Poles in Siemaszjo. Germans allowed Ukrainians to hold offices at the siemaszkk levels of local authorities, the Ukrainian police, which was subordinate to the German authorities and dominated by the OUN, was established. For the OUN members, the Holocaust of the Jews only confirmed the legitimacy of this method as a way to dispose of unwanted neighbours, while it was morally destructive for the remaining Ukrainians as it indicated that it was possible to commit large scale crimes with total impunity.

The sieemaszko relations between Poles and Ukrainians at those levels are just hinted in the film because it would be impossible to show their entire complexity, but even if we accept that the Ukrainian grudges against the Polish state were reasonable, it would be unreasonable to accept them as a reason for genocide.

Władysław Siemaszko

Work [ edit ] Siemiaszko’s first research project based on witness accounts related to the Volhynian massacres of Poles began in mid 80s. There were also tensions in this field.

Apart from the nationalist formations, the OUN convinced a portion of the Ukrainian peasantry, but also eaa Ukrainian clergy, who encouraged committing crimes and blessed the siemaezko, to join the murderous machine. Siemaszko was born in CuritibaBrazilto a Polish diplomat who siiemaszko sent there by the Second Polish Republic to a diplomatic post. Archived copy as title All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from May Articles with dead external links from June Articles with Ukrainian-language external links Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text.


InSiemiaszko was arrested again by the Soviets and transferred over to Polish communist authorities. Life [ edit ] Siemaszko was born in CuritibaBrazilto a Polish diplomat who was sent there by the Second Polish Republic to a diplomatic post.

The remaining gminas not included. Retrieved May 04, Though overPoles were killed in the Volhynia Massacre, many of our compatriots have little knowledge of it. He was imprisoned for two years in Poland until and released in This aim was to be achieved by extermination of Polish population in the part of the Second Polish Republic where the OUN developed which was absolutely impossible in Soviet Ukraineand where the Ukrainian state was to be established and then to be expanded afterwards, at a favourable time.

The particular intensification of attacks at different times in subsequent regions of Volhynia is evidence of the intent to annihilate the Polish people throughout the Volhynia region. The Polish conspirators in Volhynia attempted stopping the attacks on Poles by way of negotiation with the UPA, which led to the tragic demise of the Polish representatives. In the south-eastern part of pre-War Poland, most of the Jews were transported to death camps, while the remaining were executed on the spot.

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At that time, the OUN organised guerrilla forces that committed the first mass murders of Poles in early Archived from the original on January 1, By Septemberthere were normal relations between the separate ethnic groups — acquaintances, friendship, and even mixed marriages, but on the other hand — the situation of Ukrainians as citizens was not satisfying.

The faithful were attacked inside churches. He writes siemawzko according to Siemaszkos 1, Poles died in the hands of Ukrainian Nationalists in siemaazko area, but according to him — only