Marxist philosophy is not to be found in Marx’s writings, but emerged retrospectively in of For Marx and (with Etienne Balibar) Reading Capital (trans. ETIENNE BALIBAR. “Succinct and informative”. Fredric Jameson. “A trenchant and exciting analysis of the philosophy of Marx”. Immanuel Wallerstein. A rich and accessible introduction to Marx’s fundamental concepts from a key intellectual—now updated Written by one of political theory’s.

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In particular that on Time and Progress. Subjectivity was founded in relation to this object and was itself exchangeable. I believe the reason for this is that in France there is a tradition that says if you want to go down as being deep make it sound as complex as possible. rhe

‘The Philosophy of Marx’ by Étienne Balibar – TheoryLeaks

Additionally, this book requires substantial knowledge of the various strands Marx looked at, and neo-marxists balibxr followed. One of the most influential French philosophers to have emerged from the s, Balibar One of the best known truisms about Marx is that he turned Hegel upside down by replacing the latter’s idealism with a materialist base.

Balibar examines all the key areas of Marx’s writings in their wider historical and theoretical context including the concepts of class struggle, ideology, humanism, progress, determinism, commodity fetishism, and the state. If ,arx was change and historical evolution, the capitalist state assures us, it took place in the past and is now at an end. Balibar makes the striking claim that Marx was not at any point in his career a materialist in the sense that the term has been used in the history of western philosophy.


So far so good, right? The young Marx proposed a history of evolutionary schemes, social formulations based on their mode of production, that was intended to be evaluative of a society’s economic development.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

It feels as though Balibar had many interesting things to say but did thw have the time to go into them with the depth they required. It is vital, however, philosopht notice that philosophy is specific here. Major breaks occurred with the failure of the revolutions and then the Franco Prussian War and the Paris Commune of So this brings me to Etienne Balibar, student of the infamous anti-humanist and structuralist Marxist Louis Althusser.

I was scanning for his Spinoza book to not-buy in its place.

Contents From Praxis to Production. He is only concerned with the abstractions that emerge from Marx’s own development. Philoophy is even not interesting is that Balibar makes this claim without any reference to Marxist historical practice.

Definitely not “The only guide to Marx that the student and scholar will need,” as phulosophy in the book description. Then watch the David Harvey lectures I posted, and if you still need some supplements–don’t feel bad about it, Marx combines economics, philosophy and nascent sociology in a way that few people can handle from every aspect.

We do, nevertheless, have to recognize that Marxism is an improbable philosophy today.


Marx’s Discourse with Hegel. Having decided to include these ideas anyway, he feeds you many sentences tbe sometimes whole paragraphs with very little effort to help you follow the reasoning. A study of Marx focusing on not the economic aspects of his writing, but the social and philosophical aspects.

In the Critique of the Gotha Program, Marx famously made his distinction between socialism and communism.

Indeed, Hegel also has this latent teleology. May be a good intro to Marx. I found this to be an extremely helpful little book.

The Philosophy of Marx

The thesis on Feuerbach were aptly explored though obviously etenne is always room for improvementand I etuenne like the different portions should have been stienne to a similar extend. And this present is itself constantly transforming in ways determined not by consciousness but by the process of production. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Norman Levine – – Palgrave-Macmillan.

Bailbar is from an Althusserian perspective, Warren Montag’s books on Althusser are very clear and useful.

In Definitely not “The only guide to Marx that the student and scholar will need,” as advertised in the book description. For a better introduction to Marxist thought, read Marx. Not Informative but short and not really suitable as the introduction it sells itself as.