Jodorowsky, el prolífico autor sobre tarot y magia, y Mœbius, pilar del cómic europeo, invirtieron 8 años para dar a luz su obra magna. páginas que. Title: El incal 02 el incal luz moebius esp, Author: Mario Cabeza, Name: El incal 02 el incal luz moebius esp, Length: 50 pages, Page: 1. : Dragon Pocket numero El incal luz: Autor/es: Moebius y Jodorowsky Editorial: Ediciones B. Coleccion. Fecha Edicion: edicion

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I could draw up a checklist mentioning all the things that didn’t appeal to me.

The Incal – Wikipedia

Mark Millar called it “quite simply one of the most perfect comics ever conceived and probably the most beautiful piece of graphic literature ever drawn”. He unleashes a destructive organic virus called the Biophage X with the purpose of forcing the population nical abandon their natural bodies in favor of robotic inca.

The story is confusing. The Incal is then sought by many factions: Ultimately, I can’t take Jodorowski’s writing style. Filmovi su vjerovatno i uspjeli, jer su snimljeni u vrijeme kada je new age mistika bila u usponu. But I can’t give more than two stars for the way they treat John Difool.

I see many elements that end up in other media, and I get where he’s going with some incql his elements, but the whole thing was too much and too little simultaneously. Finally, Moebius decided to do After the Incalbut beside his illness at the time he had a different style, and Jodorowsky was not satisfied by the overall work.


He further claimed that the case was lost because Moebius “betrayed them” by working directly with Besson on the production of the film. Archived from the original on Jodorowsky’s films, as imaginative as they are, test my patience with the broadness of their commentary.

El incal / The Incal

Neke ideje koje je spomenuo su urnebesne, ali da sad ne otkrivam stvarno vrijedi pogledati dokumentarac. This book is a sprawling space epic, with a wide ranging though sort of poorly introduced political factions and mystical energies. I lasted as long as I did for the art. Sve u svemu OK. I was really hoping to love this. Though this had some very good ideas in it, it tried to do so much and encompass so much that I found myself confused, bored, and overwhelmed at different times when reading this.

On the planet Ter21 there are two social classes: Lists with This Book.

The world elements are also lacking as is character development. His fans have included John Lennon and Marilyn Manson. The tone shifts rather wildly too. But happiness is not that, it’s not your glasses. Jodorowsky initially didn’t have a script, but recounted and mimed the ideas to Moebius who sketched the scenario, recorded their conversation on tape, and they jointly altered the plot. But I wish it would have just run with two or three instead of having gone for all of it at once strung together.

I moved toward it and found myself submerged in the center. Uglavnom projekt je propao i roman je na kraju ekranizirao David Lynch. While ,uz am a huge fan of Moebius’ art, Jodorowsky’s story isn’t my bag. DiFool soon begins to investigate the mystery of disappearance of the children of prostitutes, something he shouldn’t find out. I tried to like this, honest I did. Other books in the ical.


Dec 13, Diego Fernandez villa rated it it was ok. The artwork is amazing, and it keeps getting better as the story progresses. The art was appealing without being astonishingly brilliant, but the writing completely put me off. Grabbed this because it was touted and even sued! John Difool, detective di classe R. The art by Moebius impressed me with the vast land and city scapes, though often times the characters were hard to pick out in the large crowd scenes.

I really wanted to like The Incal, and there are parts I really like! Moebius’s art is astounding, but Jodorowsky’s story is trash.

As I said at the start, it had some good ideas Dark Incalbut the movie was never ulz. Too many moments and lines of dialogue which provoked exaggerated eye rolling while reading it. There was a lot here that made me think.