Official Journal of the European Union. EN. Only the original UN/ECE texts have legal effect under international public law. The status and date. Regulation No 46 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of devices for indirect. [ECE-R46 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of rear-view mirrors and of motor vehicles with regard to the installation of rear-view mirrors, MOD].

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Aspherical mirrors shall be of sufficient size and shape to provide useful information to the driver. Figure 1 below gives the dimensions in mm of the test rig and the special design specifications: Every year, hundreds of people, mostly vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, are killed in incidents involving large goods vehicles.

– Transport – UNECE

In the case of camera-monitor systems of Classes I to IV, the class, field of view, ecw and resolution: If vehicles of these categories cannot fulfil the requirements by using a front-view device, a vision support system shall be used. Detection distance greater than the critical viewing distance.

The grey scale rendering chart shall consists of 12 different tonal density grey patches. The device shall perceive the visual spectrum and shall always render this image without the need for interpretation into the visual spectrum. General The apparatus shall consist of a light source, a holder for the test sample, a receiver unit with a photodetector and an indicating meter see Figure 1and means of eliminating the effects of extraneous light. Type and characteristics such as a complete description of the device: Where advantage is taken of this derogation, the arm shall be indelibly marked with the symbol.


The degree of obstruction shall be measured with the sun visors folded back.

In the tests described in Paragraph 6. Headrests or framework or bodywork such as window columns of rear split doors, rear window frame shall be excluded from the calculation.

Devices for Indirect Vision

Type of device for indirect vision; Shoe and foot assemblies are calibrated to measure the foot angle. Neutral black background The cee light source lab model is an emulation of a set of vehicle passing beam headlamps at a distance of m with luminous intensity of 1,cd, in accordance to the maximum allowance of luminous intensity of a vehicle passing-beam headlamp at point “BR” described in Regulation No.

A brief description of the electronic components if any of the adjustment device: This method is applicable for those instruments, which are so constructed as to permit fce at the per cent point by swinging the receiver to a position directly on the axis of the ecr source see Figure 1.

Optional If the mirror ecee not provide rearward vision. For a monitor having certain dimensions and properties, a distance to the monitor can be calculated within which the detection distance is dependent only on the performances of the camera. Determination of the critical viewing distance of the monitor For a monitor having certain dimensions and properties, a distance to the monitor can be calculated within which the detection distance is dependent only on the performances of the camera.

EUR-Lex – X(06) – EN – EUR-Lex

In addition, the road shall be visible to the driver over a width of 4. Consider that the modifications made are unlikely to have an appreciable adverse effect, and that in any case the device for indirect vision still complies with the requirements; or.


Unless otherwise specifiedd in this Regulation, the requirements Paragraph 6. This place shall be:. CIE spectral tristimulus values: For chassis with bodywork: By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy.

Where rear view mirrors are not circular, their dimensions shall enable a 78 mm-diameter circle to be prescribed on their reflecting surface. For instance, in the case of a digital camera the smallest discernable detail at a given pixel location in the monitor scales inversely efe the solid angle of the pixel.

If an indirect vision device of Class V is used to provide a part of the field of vision prescribed in Paragraphs These mirrors shall not, however, be mounted on vehicles the cab height of which is such as to prevent compliance with this requirement.

Concave Mirrors A concave mirror is a curved mirror with the reflecting surface on the inside of the curve. However, for sensor systems it is more suitable to use the TOD Triangle Orientation Discrimination method which is similar to the Landolt-C method, but involves equilateral triangular test patterns.