Imam Hussain A.S ki Dua e Arfah say iqtaybaas (not complete). Shia and Sunni Unity Tamanna e Wahdat تمنّاءِ وحدت shared Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s post. January 3, ·. Dua e wahdat. Views. 6 Likes1 Comment2 Shares · Share . English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch. Dua-e-Wahdat. Here’s another short poem I wrote today. Hamaare faaslon ki misaal zameen-o-aasmaan kyon ho? Dilon ke darmiyan mulk.

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However I believe Wahdatal Wujood exagerates God’s immanence, the wandat is God is much different and far above creation then their link to him. How do u see that. What is the worst word you have been described as? And God knows best. How did the rijal scholars know if person x is reliable? Please let us know what is Wahdat-al-Wajud and Wahdat-al-Shahood. The two concepts are usually translated as Oneness of Being Wahdat al-wujud and Oneness of Perception Wahdat ash-shuhud.

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Dua-e-Wahdat | Musings

This topic is now closed to further replies. How do i compare religious philosophies with the so-called “orthodox” beliefs. Im reading the Fasus and Fatoohat of Ibn Arabi these days along with their refutations so i would love to read about the shia perespective about it in details. These ahadiths are all around Shia Ahadith Books: Khaak se khaak tak ka safar raha azal se hoga abad tak Apne matla-o-maqta ek phir baaqi Ghazal beradeef kyon ho?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But I would like to give the opinions from Maraji’ in case some people are still not conviced of the kufr of Wahdat al Wujud. Go To Topic Listing.


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They do not differentiate between the sincere and the doubtful, nor do they know the sheep from wolves. Im interested in reading some pro-wahdat ul wajood literature as i want to know that for what specific philosophical interpretations have they sanctioned it.

And that creation is a process of necessary emanation. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. God is all pervading and all knowing. Posted September 30, For example the great Delhi scholar Shah Waliallah d. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Some of these are:. Just like fire will emit heat and light,similarly all creation emanates from “The One’. We have gathered so that we may remember our Lord and ponder over Duw greatness.

I was reading some old posts and some guy was saying that a famous marj’a has written a book in its support. I Raja Nasir – Urdu. This universe may be derived from and exist in a multiverse and that multiverse may be derived from and exist in another multiverse, but the very fact that there are laws that can be considered constant and truths that can be considered fundamental which shows us there is a transcendent aspect which is immanent everywhere. In Ibn Arabi’s system ‘the one’ is dynamic.

Brother jimjam is more into the mystic and philosophical stuff. But each of us withing our self also a center, here upon the use of pure reason, by separating real truth from relative truth, by contemplation we can come to know the “The One” that exists within ourself. All the centers of divinity within ourselves converge in a way into one reality.

Allah is the source of all knowledge, life, beauty, power. Ebn Arabi exagerrated to the extent he went into Tashbih in my opinion. Ironically, Wahdat al-wujud is in and of itself the highest expression of tawhid: Everything upon which there befalls a name, save for Allah, is a creature and Allah is the Creator of every thing.


Dua-e-Wahdat (Unity)

See also Du’a Al-Noor: Hamaare faaslon ki misaal zameen-o-aasmaan kyon ho? With MANY more traditions To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Everything is separate from the creator but he is still closer to you than your jugular vein. Yaad e Shohada Kyun?

To me it’s a doctrine taught by the Quran, as it talks about honor being God’s, and talks about the Al-Hayu in a way that suggests all things belong to him in relationship to him, and it talks about all praise and greatness being his.

Zaat-o-zubaan-o-mulk, deen-o-mazhab-o-maseeha Yeh gunaah hain hamaare to inki wajeh Khudaa kyon ho? It is on my blog. I have posted what Al-Mufeed, our great classical scholar has said about Al-Hallaaj. Christianity pretty much mauled Neo-Platonism to derive from it the doctrine of trinity. The metaphor that is often used to visualize this is waves on an ocean, that is, just as waves are an articulation of the ocean, the phenomenal world including us are articulations of Being.

In the other thread he has supported Ibn Al Arabi so im sure that he supports wahdat ul wajood. That is why all life must be his and be deriving existence from him. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5.