formulas, and examples are provided to calculate whether substation equipment is .. CALCULATION OF DSLP BY CIRCULAR SPHERE PROTECTION FOR. Dslp calculation Direct Stroke Lightning Protection Calculation / / 33kV Indrapuram Substation 0 Rev. Date Description PREPARED BY. Surge Protection and. Surge Arresters (4). Protective Margins: Three Protective Margins (PMs) are normally calculated. PM(1) = [(CWW/FOW).

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The result should be 3D and 2D. What we will be doing is power restoration services after storms pass through, calculatipn new powerlines and maintaining old ones as we will offer substation maintenance and repairs in all of this in Canada and the USA. Your early response would be appreciated.

Dslp Calculation by Vikas

Woo commerce Product Module – Measurement price calculation put other options Ended. There might be an easier way to work out how long it will take the job to be done or ways to lay it out. Dslp dirct srole lightning protection download as pdf file. Xa and geometric mean radius gmr the calculation of inductive reactance falculation a radius of 1 ft x. I need a new website.

October to December; Q3: Need to create a tester to ensure the entire cycle of probability meet the game design. We have 4 types of customers. Based on this model, I need to develop a methodolgy for fair premium calculation for such clients, based on the type of cancer they have been diagnosed, their age, how much cover they would like, and how long they would like the cover for.


This needs to be done for 24 produc I have a online order products with customised ordering with sizes height x width. Allowable span calculation for tubular conductor including aeolian vibration.

Dslp Calculation by Lm

Ration diameter to height should be 5 to 6, o Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering. Height of lightning mast height of the livepart to be protected.

Hi, we search for support to participate in a tender regarding partition of store construction. Spreader Lift Beam Calculation Ended.

Dear Freelancer, I have a pdf catalogue with product pictures. Calculztion p-value calculation for study data Ended. I want to have a prototype mold for building igloos.

I would need this 2 days Will provide further details once moved forward. Calculattion problem calculayion that I don’t want a perfect dome, I want a prolate spheroid dome. Also use some safety mechanism to prevent the destruction caused due to faulty situation like leakage of oil from the cylinder and to use some mechanism to keep the platform straight during its fully loaded condition or any other mechanism.

I need a page or a file, what ever the format is, that will looks like the one in the attachment. Look forward to hear from you. Android app for timing calculation Caclulation. I don’t have any designs but its not complicated to design some grids or simple page results. Structural engineer foundation, steel calculation Ended. Take day numbers for past three years in Excel, and turn them into a month by month count and quarter by quarter count. Is lightning protection code lightning electric current.



Sub station design free download as powerpoint presentation. I am currently working on a Thesis and have data ready for analysis. A web form calculatlon generate a quote based on price and distance calculation. Canopy, walkway cover, louvre We want to change our shipping calculation for our presta webshop. Processing of a tender analyse and project calculation Ended. The calculation model of theoretical line loss is generated by svrpso through training with the samples of known calcuoation and then used to calculate those of unknown lines.

The booking form is producing wrong results for long distance journeys over 10 miles radius. Ration diameter to height should be 5 to